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“The 325 Report” launched by Missouri DOT to provide updates on 34,000 miles of maintenance

Updated Apr 29, 2015


The Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) has created one website to provide updates on the state’s 325 System including road and bridge conditions, and project funding. The site is dubbed The 325 Report.

The site gets its name from the MoDOT’s “325 System” plan, a strategy approved in February that focuses on maintenance of primary (roughly 8,000 miles) and supplementary (around 26,000 miles) routes rather than new construction for less than 25 percent of the state’s roads. The 325 in the name comes from the estimated $325 million MoDOT will have for construction projects in 2017.

In addition to funding and road and bridge conditions, the site provides videos, MoDOT employee and “engaged citizen” profiles, and the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission newsletter View from the Chair.

“This website gives engaged citizens a one-stop location for learning about how MoDOT will maintain Missouri’s transportation system as funding levels drop,” MoDOT interim director Roberta Broeker said in a statement.

Addressing the continuing degrading conditions of supplementary routes Broeker added that some roads and bridges may have to be closed.

“These will be ongoing concerns over the next few years,” she said. “While the funding discussion moves forward with out citizens and legislators, the needs of the system continue to grow.”