The Amulet Hydraulic Tilt Bucket

In providing their customers with the most innovative attachments on the market, Amulet Manufacturing Company is proud to announce; The Amulet Hydraulic Tilt Bucket.


The Amulet Tilt Bucket is fast becoming standard equipment for many excavator operators who have been waiting for a full feature tilt bucket. Amulet™s unique design provides the operator the ultimate shaping, ditching and excavating attachment.


Features include:


          * Buckets tilt 45 degrees each way, a full 90 degree range of tilt


* Twin heavy-duty, guarded, double-acting hydraulic cylinders


          * Induction hardened pivot pins and bushings that minimize wear


          * Bolt on edges are available, increasing bucket life.


* Sizes to fit from 9,000 lb. to 100,000 lb. base machines


*Deep bucket profiles for large material capacity


*Tapered sides allow for easy release of material