John Deere Power Systems announces generator drive iT4 power ratings at POWER-GEN International

WATERLOO, Iowa (December 8, 2009) — John Deere Power Systems (JDPS) will introduce its generator drive prime power Interim Tier 4 power ratings for diesel engines above 130 kW (174 hp) at POWER-GEN International 2009, Dec. 8 – 10 in Las Vegas.

Interim Tier 4 emissions regulations, which begin in 2011, apply to 130 kW (174 hp) and above diesel engines used in prime power applications, and require a 90 percent reduction in diesel particulates (PM) and a 50 percent reduction in nitrogen oxide (NOx) from previous Tier 3 requirements. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) only requires that emergency stationary gen-set engines meet Tier 3 emissions regulations.

“Our lineup of John Deere Interim Tier 4 generator-drive engines is ideal for prime power gen-set customers developing strategies to meet emissions regulations,” said Vincenzo Perrone, power generation business manager for JDPS. “John Deere engines — with their many choices of displacement, power and level of technology — allow customers to select the model that is just right for their generator application.”

For its gen-set engines used in prime power applications, John Deere will start with its proven PowerTech Plus Tier 3 engine platform, which includes cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) for NOx control, and add an exhaust filter for reducing particulates. Displacements in the 130 kW (174 hp) and above power class include the 6.8L, 9.0L and 13.5L in-line, six-cylinder engines. For Interim Tier 4, the 4-valve cylinder head, high-pressure fuel system, cooled EGR, turbocharger, air-to-air aftercooling systems and engine control unit will be updated but will be similar to Tier 3 configurations.

The engine models and prime power ratings for the John Deere Interim Tier 4 lineup at 60 Hz (1800 rpm) include:

  • PowerTech PVX 6.8L: 140 kVA – 168 kVA (112 kWe – 134 kWe)
  • PowerTech PSX 6.8L: 203 kVA (162 kWe)
  • PowerTech PVX 9.0L: 227 kVA (182 kWe)
  • PowerTech PSX 9.0L: 256 kVA – 313 kVA (205 kWe – 250 kWe)
  • PowerTech PSX 13.5L: 341 kVA – 455 kVA (273 kWe – 364 kWe)

John Deere will display the PowerTech PVX 9.0L Interim Tier 4 cutaway engine it will use to meet the stringent Interim Tier 4 emissions regulations for prime power generator-drive engines. John Deere is also exhibiting its PowerTech Plus 6.8L and 13.5L and PowerTech E 4.5L and 9.0L Tier 3 engines, as well as the PowerTech 6.8L Tier 2 marine gen-set engine.

The full lineup of John Deere generator-drive engines includes non-emissions certified; European Union Stage II; and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Tier 1, 2, 3 and Interim Tier 4 models ranging from 2.4L – 13.5L of displacement and covering gen-set ratings from 32 kVA – 513 kVA (26 kWe – 411 kWe).

John Deere Power Systems is one of the few manufacturers that build engines exclusively for off-highway applications. This specialization has given John Deere unparalleled experience in developing and packaging generator drive engines that deliver performance, power density, fuel efficiency, reliability, emissions compliance and easy installation. This fact benefits John Deere OEM customers as well as owners of John Deere powered generators.

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