Liebherr’s Mobile Twin Shaft Mixer

Liebherr twin-shaft mixers are particularly suitable for high outputs of pre-mixed concrete and available in sizes of 3-8 cyd. Their compact design is a particular advantage if used in mobile mixing plants and for construction sites with limited space. The sturdily built mixing equipment can, depending on size, process aggregates up to 7” without difficulty. That is especially important for mass concreting projects such as dams, roads or bridges or other larger RCC pours, which require high quality mixed concrete.

Liebherr offers a solution for such projects, combining the simplicity of dry-batch plants with the superior mixing quality of a twin shaft mixer. The mixer is installed on a mobile trailer unit, which can easily be moved and transported to the next job site. The dry-mix plant is feeding material into the mixer. A standard recipe requires only 30 sec mixing time. Mixed concrete is discharged onto a high-speed conveyor belt, which feeds a holding hopper, or loads directly into a dump or mixer truck. No special modifications are required to the dry-mix plant. The mobile twin shaft mixer is a self-contained unit and an essential option for mobile concrete plants.

The smaller 3 cyd model has one, the larger models two electric motors. The synchronized gear drives are of generous capacity, for long, reliable operation. The two shafts with their mixing arms are counter rotating, to generate a high mixing efficiency at the mixing zone. The replaceable mixing arms and blades are made from highly wear-resistant material, and specially shaped to provide maximum wear capacity. The hydraulic mixer gate opens at a wide angle, in order to keep discharge times to a minimum. A special wave pattern of wear tiles minimizes the risk of trapped stones and washout of the joint lines between them. This design considerably reduces the rate of wear and tear.