General Equipment Offers Gas-Powered Surface Grinder

General_SG24-GOWATONNA, Minn. – General Equipment’s SG24/G gasoline powered surface grinder features various grinding systems for breaking up deposits; cleaning concrete, asphalt and tile; producing exposed aggregate slabs; and polishing delicate surfaces. The twin counter-rotating discs can work a 24″x12″ area.


Powered by industrial quality 11-horsepower engines, it features dual V-belt/spur gear transmission. The SG24/G has a unitized, welded steel plate frame and extra capacity self-aligning ball bearing units. 


The operator can position the adjustable handle for own individual height. Caster wheel height adjusts to accommodate different multi-accessory options.


The SG24/G air cleaner is either cyclone and/or dual element equipped. The counter-rotating discs can be removed so that an operator can attach standard 10″ diameter, multi-segmented dry diamond discs for other applications such as removing plastic overlays and epoxy.


Power options include various industrial quality 11-horsepower gasoline engines with optional conversion to LP gas or 2-horsepower electric motor with dual range 115/230 AC voltage.