Agriculture and Earth Moving Equipment

Double D MFG., LLC introduces a new remote controlled seeder attachment for the Tuff Man Series leveling scraper. The seeder is controlled from the seat of the tractor. This allows the operator to control power to the unit, as well as the width of the seeding spread from 6 to 18 feet. With the addition of the seeder attachment our customers can now scarify the soil up to 6 inches deep, level the work area, spread the seed, and incorporate the seed in one pass with one operator. Double D offers several different seed incorporation tools that are available as attachments to the Tuff Man Series leveling scraper. Danny Dumey, CEO of Double D MFG., LLC, said We have entered a time where profits are harder to realize than ever before. To compete in today™s market it is necessary to get more productivity with fewer pieces of equipment and less personnel. Double D is committed in helping our customers achieve these goals, and the remote seeder is just another one of our money saving products.