Telvent rolls out Saudi Arabia’s first smart transportation system

Telvent has completed implementation of the company’s intelligent transportation system, Telvent SmartMobility Road Suite, on King Abdullah Road in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

This is the first smart transportation system to be implemented in Saudi Arabia. Based on Telvent´s SmartMobility technology, this solution manages interurban expressway traffic through a centralized platform. It controls and manages the four tunnels and the entire range of field devices in place along the expressway’s length of 6 kilometers, increasing user safety and security and improving infrastructure maintenance.

The solution also provides real-time information on traffic conditions, which enables local authorities to respond rapidly in a coordinated manner to any incidents that may occur on the expressway, in accordance with action plans that are predetermined by the application. Citizens, in turn, can also make use of this information in real time, gaining the capability to select the route that best suits their interests at any time.

The project, which began in September 2010, has achieved a variety of additional benefits for users, including a reduction in both the number of accidents and in travel times within city limits, as well as a drop in fuel consumption. All of this results in a reduction in the release of pollutants, thereby improving air quality, in addition to helping to create a safer and more pleasant environment for citizens.

The project executed is part of the strategic plan which the Arriyadh Development Authority has drawn up for the city. This plan is contributing to rapid and sustainable city development in economic, social, architectural and environmental terms. Telvent, in turn, continues to work with local authorities towards fulfilling their objective of creating a smarter and more sustainable city. The company is developing a new project that will enable implementation of SmartMobility advanced mobility management technology in extending the road network in the Arriyadh Old Airport area.

This article was contributed by Telvent.