10 Unique Modes of Transportation

Wisconsin’s Ice Angel (Photo: madelinebroker / Weather Underground)Wisconsin’s Ice Angel (Photo: madelinebroker / Weather Underground)

This goes beyond the planes, trains and automobiles.

What seems odd to us is just par for the course for the locals.

In the Readers Digest Canadian edition, Kevin Revolinski reports on these 10 non-traditional modes of transit throughout the world.

  1. 1. Underground Funicular in Turkey: An inclined railway in which a tram is moved up and down a hill with a cable

  2. 2. The Cyclo in Vietnam: A tricycle taxi

  3. 3. Canal Taxi in Bangkok

  4. 4. Chicken Bus in Central America

  5. 5. Cambodian Creativity: Recycling of machine parts patched together to serve as transportation, one “vehicle” which is known as “the robotic cow”

  6. 6. Camel Bus in Cuba: A recently-retired semi-truck that pulled a payload of passengers on a sloped trailer

  7. 7. Maglev Train in Shanghai: Reaches speeds of up to 431 km per hour, but it rides atop a powerful magnetic field

  8. 8. Chiva Express in Ecuador: A bus that rides the rails of Ecuador

  9. 9. Hovercraft in the United Kingdom: A ferry that is suspended on a cushion of air

  10. 10. Ice Angel in Wisconsin: These are ice boats with air propellers that take people from Wisconsin’s Madeline Island to Bayfield when the waters of Lake Superior begin to freeze over. The boats are operated when the ice is too thin to support a vehicle but too frozen to use a regular ferry.