All in all you’re just another deer on the wall

(Photo: I Support Street Art / Facebook)(Photo: I Support Street Art / Facebook)

Let’s say you have a wall separating a street from people or offices or houses or factories or maybe a ballpark. And it looks like, well, a wall. What can you do to it to make it less of a wall? What can your town do to make it more special for your residents, more valuable community art and less wall?

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Try this. Set up an art competition to see who can make the wall less wallish.

Street artist Hyuro won just such a worldwide competition. The result is this formerly drab, grey, 300-yard-long wall that is now an art installation in Copenhagen, Denmark. Hyuro completed the wall art last month. In place of the drab wall is a deer moving through a forest.

The work is painted to the 87 aluminum panels, each 8.5 feet high. It is the longest piece of street art in Copenhagen. For people who drive by the wall becomes a moving frame-by-frame image–a sort of flip book–showing a deer moving from open space into deep woods and emerging, changed, back out into sparse forest.

You can see photos of the wall here.