Roadtec Offers Temperature Bar Option on its Pavers

All Roadtec highway class paver models will now be available with an optional temperature sensing bar. Developed by MOBATM, the device measures the temperatures of the entire mat width in real time and records that data, along with the corresponding GPS coordinates. Roadtec exhibited the temperature bar mounted to the back of its RP-195 rubber track paver at the recent World of Asphalt show.

Even temperature means leads to even compaction and density, which minimizes future pavment failures. The paver operator will be able to see the temperature information on a screen and thus has the ability to control the paving process better by spotting potential problem spots and taking corrective action.

The temperature bar will also aid in quality control and research because mix designers and paving professional will be able to see if any future damage to the road had been related to mix temperature differentials by examining the stored data collected during construction.

Roadtec offers 8’ and 10’ pavers in tire or rubber track versions. The company also produces cold planers, material transfer devices, and soil stabilizers.