Beachcleaners enlisted for Gulf mess
| June 22, 2010

A fleet of Cherrington Beachcleaners prepare for clean-up on the beaches of Grand Isle, Louisiana.

BP called on Cherrington’s Beachcleaners to help the company clean up the mess from the oil spill off the coast of Louisiana in the Gulf of Mexico. The Beachcleaner’s mobile oscillating sifting method of beach sand screening helps clear the sandy beaches of the Gulf of tar balls and slab oil.

Immediately after the Deepwater Horizon explosion that triggered the oil spill that continues to pollute the Gulf, BP called on Cherrington to provide Beachcleaners and requested operators for eight cleaners in the Grand Isle, Louisiana, area. Cherrington staff from Clarissa, Minnesota, and its corporate offices in Jamestown, North Dakota, headed down to the Gulf to man the beachcleaners and minimize the negative impact on the Gulf’s naturally pristine beaches.

Cherrington joins the extensive cleanup efforts of the Coast Guard, Environmental Protection Agency, State Environmental Protection Agencies, National Guard and other dedicated volunteers and contractors as they labor in hot and humind weather to prevent additional spill damage and clean up existing oil damage in the Gulf.

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