Do More Than Dig: 15 Attachments That Transform Your Excavator

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Blue Diamond Attachments Excavator Drum Mulcher shredding tree
Blue Diamond Attachments drum mulcher for clearing trees and brush
Blue Diamond Attachments

There's so much more you can do with your excavator than dig. These 15 attachments offer a range of options, from land clearing to demolition – even road building and pipelaying.

Land Clearing

With cutting capacities ranging from 4 to 7 inches in diameter, Blue Diamond Attachments says its excavator drum mulchers are designed for the “harshest land clearing and mulching conditions.” The line includes three models – Heavy Duty, Extreme Duty and Severe Duty – with cutting widths from 30 to 50 inches. They are for excavators between 4 and 20 metric tons with auxiliary hydraulic flows of 9 to 45 gallons per minute. They have a high-strength steel frame with anti-wear skids and counterblades.

underside view of Diamond Mowers' Disc Mulcher Pro XDiamond MowersDiamond MowersDisc Mulcher Pro X can cut trees and brush up to 12 inches in diameter and mulch up to 6 inches. They are offered in cutting widths of 36 or 48 inches. The mulching disc is geared toward large mulch and brush management. Its power comes from stored energy, not just hydraulic power. It is equipped with four-point hardened-steel teeth for cutting clean and quick like a chain saw. The teeth can be sharpened and rotated. The disc mulcher can be used for cutting in hard-to-reach areas.


Develon excavator with HB-series breaker breaking rock cliffDevelonDevelon, formerly known as Doosan Infracore, offers the HB-Series hydraulic breakers. The HB06H and HB15FH are engineered for high performance. They have a simplified design for easier maintenance and use in demolition and construction, the company says. Their housing is designed for quieter operation. The energy of the piston stroke is collected by charged nitrogen gas. The HB06H requires hydraulic flow of 10.5 to 18.5 gallons per minute. The HB15FH requires 21.1 to 29.1 gallons per minute.

john deere hydraulic hammer on deere excavator breaking rockJohn DeereJohn Deere calls its hydraulic hammers for midsize and large excavators an alternative to a wrecking ball on a big demolition job or a material breaker for landscaping, trenching, recycling and other tasks. The company offers five models from the 1,200 foot-pound HH90 to the 8,000 foot-pound HH145. The HH90 has a single-body design for easier service, requiring fewer parts and no special tools. The HH115, HH125, HH135 and HH145 models have a restrictor valve that protects against damage and premature failure from system overload.

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komatsu hydraulic breaker on komatsu excavator breaking rockKomasuKomatsu offers three types of hydraulic breakers. The G-series breakers (JTHB-G) combine hydraulics and nitrogen gas for a simpler, yet durable design. The H-series breakers (JTHB-H) are accumulator-type fully hydraulic breakers geared to rock and concrete demolition. The V-series (JTHB-V) are fully hydraulic and feature an energy-recovery valve for increased efficiency. They are designed for less vibration and noise and can be used in a variety of projects, including demolition, mass excavation or secondary breaking.

Cat rotary cutter being utilized by an excavator in an urban settingCaterpillarCaterpillar’s RC20 and RC30 rotary cutters are designed for demolition and controlled trenching in confined spaces. Not as loud as other breaking tools, rotary cutters create a more controlled breaking with high precision, making them ideal for working in confined or urban areas. They can be used with pin-on, S-type, Cat pin grabbers or CW couplers. The RC20 is for 20- to 34-ton excavators, and the RC30 fits 28- to 50-ton excavators. The cutters can be used underwater without modifications to the tool or excavator.

studio shot white background yellow GRP 480 Rebar Processor from Genesis AttachmentsGenesis AttachmentsThe GRP 480 Rebar Processor from Genesis Attachments is a hydraulic mobile shear designed exclusively for processing rebar. Its bolt-on, weldable lower tusks work with the weldable, replaceable piercing blades to sort and separate rebar bundles. A bolt-on plate on the cutting side of the upper jaw has a replaceable wear surface. It has a 24-inch jaw opening and a 26-inch jaw depth. It fits up to 48,000-pound excavators second-member mounted and 90,000-pound carriers third-member mounted.

epiroc combi cutter grabbing demolition debrisEpirocEpiroc Combi Cutters come in a variety of jaw types for use in primary demolition and secondary reduction of concrete structures, as well as cutting steel structures at demolition sites. Jaw types are designed to be easily switched on the job. The hydraulic cutters deliver high crushing force and short cycle times and feature 360-degree integrated rotation devices. Crushing teeth and cutting blades are replaceable. Cutting blades are also reversible. Piston rod guards enable full hydraulic cylinder protection.

orange NPK V250R crusher pulverizer on excavator grabbing demolition debrisNPKNPK’s V250R crusher pulverizer is made for primary and secondary demolition, including reinforced concrete, and can handle high-reach applications. It features 360-degree rotation and is compatible with excavators ranging from 24 to 25 metric tons. It has a 35.4-inch jaw opening and a 22-inch jaw width. Max crushing force is 229,500 pound-force. It requires hydraulic flow of 26 to 66 gallons per minute. The replaceable rebar cutter can be flipped for longer life. Bolt-on tooth plates can also be replaced.

Compacting and Grabbing

Engcon PC9500 compactor plate for excavators studio shot white backgroundEngconContractors can avoid the strain and safety risks that come with using hand-operated ground compactors with the new, larger PC9500 compactor plate for excavators from Engcon. The PC9500 is compatible with 19- to 33-metric-ton excavators. It can be connected to the S70 or S80 quick coupler without leaving the cab. EC-Oil is now standard on all Engcon machine couplers and tiltrotators, allowing operators to connect the hydraulics automatically and change attachments in around 10 seconds.

FAE RPL/EX Excavator Road Planer milling gravel roadFAEFAE’s RPL/EX road planer for excavators can be used to prepare the road surface before laying a new layer of asphalt or concrete. The attachment uses teeth attached to a rotor to scrape and cut the road’s surface. FAE says its design increases performance while reducing vibration. Powered by an 860cc fixed displacement hydraulic piston motor, the RPL/EX is compatible with 8- to 14-ton excavators with hydraulic flow rates of 28 to 42 gallons per minute. It can mill down 5.3 inches deep and has an 18-inch working width.

Werk-Brau Box-Style Grapple on end of excavator picking up branchesWerk-BrauWerk-Brau’s wide-mouth box-style grapple is made for gathering demolition debris, sorting materials, brush removal, soil scoring, root extraction and other landclearing and demolition tasks. The attachment is compatible with excavators ranging from 12 to 60 tons, and it is available with a variety of tine and width configurations. It can even be custom designed to match contractors’ specific needs. For example, the number and spacing of tines can be altered for a wider or narrower pickup stance.

MB Crusher HDS214 padding bucket on excavator sifting dirtMC CrusherMB Crusher’s MB-HDS412 padding bucket is ideal for aerating packed soil; reclaiming demolition debris, stones, or roots from clean soil; or screening backfill material to cover pipes or create trench bedding. The 2,688-pound MB-HDS412 pairs with excavators from 22,400 to 31,400 pounds. Centralized greasing can be done on site; shafts can be swapped in minutes; and maintenance tools are provided in a tool bag in a designated bucket compartment. An automatic hydraulic bumper system reduces hydraulic shock.

static shot black craig pipe grappleCraigThe Craig Excavator Pipe Grapple has an “ultra-low-profile design” for loading and unloading pipe. The design enables better visibility and has dual-reinforced top clamps for moving a single pipe or filling the grapple to capacity. It is available in wedge lock, pin-on, S Series or manual bar lock lugging. Optional bolt-on lugging is also available. Simple chain tine adjustment is another feature on the pipe grapple.

red ESCO posigrab ii coupler between excavator arm and bucketESCOThe PosiGrab II hydraulic coupler from ESCO is available for 7- to 40-ton-class excavators for connecting and disconnecting attachments while the operator stays in the cab. The coupler’s independently secured front and rear locks are mechanically engaged through the entire working cycle and released with hydraulics. The standard position of the coupler is locked and only opens using forced hydraulic pressure, meaning the coupler will remain locked in the event of hydraulic system failure or a severed hydraulic hose.