FAE Intros New BL1/SSL/VT Mulcher for 45-65 HP Skid Steers (Video)

Jordanne Waldschmidt Headshot
Updated Jun 26, 2023
FAE BL1/SSL/VT mulcher attachment for skid steer loaders

Shred material up to 4 inches in diameter with the new BL1/SSL/VT forestry mulcher for 45- to 65-horsepower skid steers from FAE.

Available in a 49-inch width, the BL1/SSL/VT is designed for vegetation maintenance along roadsides, railroad tracks, the banks of canals, rivers, lakes, and commercial and residential green areas. (Watch the mulcher in action in the video below.)

The attachment features a Variable Torque (VT) piston engine for increased performance compared to a fixed-cylinder engine. The engine increases mulching torque when an extra boost of power is needed to reduce rotor stalling. The company says that because the mulcher always operates with the maximum torque required, fuel consumption is reduced.

The Bite Limiter rotor comes with wear-resistant Hardox steel limiters that restrict the teeth’s reach (bite) so there is less power demand and a consistent working speed. The Bite Limiter technology also reduces the likelihood of rotor stalling and optimizes fuel consumption.

The unit’s Spike Pro interchangeable offset counter blades ensure better finishing of mulched material and smoother flow of wet material. Interchangeable and adjustable skids boost precision, while the frame and push frame on the units have also been designed for maximum visibility.

The BL1/SSL/VT can be equipped with the standard Mini BL blades or optional Mini C/3 teeth. The mini BL blades are ideal for hardwood trees, softwood trees, exposed stumps and bushes or branches. The Mini C/3 teeth are best for hardwood trees, exposed stumps, and bushes and branches.

FAE’s optional Sonic technology automatically calibrates hydraulic settings between the carrier machine and the attachment, allowing the mulcher to continuously work at maximum capacity, the company says.

Other standard features include:

  • Transmission with belts
  • Interchangeable protection chains
  • Mechanical adjustable guard frame
  • Enclosed / anti-dust machine body
  • Motor enclosed in the frame
  • Hydraulic hoses for connections
  • Interchangeable support skids with anti-wear Hardox welded plates
  • Anti-shock block Valve with relief and anti-cavitation valves