FAE debuts forestry mulchers for skid steers, CTLs, excavators

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Updated May 4, 2023
FAE BL4/SSL forestry mulcher attachment on Caterpillar compact track loader mulching felled tree in woods
FAE’s BL4/SSL forestry mulcher gives skid steers and compact track loaders advanced shredding capabilities.

FAE expanded its Sonic System technology in mulching heads at ConExpo-Con/Agg 2023.

Automatically calibrating a mulcher’s parameters, the Sonic System continuously manages the unit’s hydraulic settings and offers up to 30 percent boost in overall productivity, according to the company. The system, which can be calibrated using FAE’s phone app, also minimizes rotor stalling and quickly recovers the rotor’s rpms.

FAE’s BL4/SSL skid steer forestry mulcher, designed for vegetation management, features the new BL MAX Blade and a Bite Limiter rotor system that cuts down on power demand, promoting a consistent working speed and optimizing fuel consumption.

The unit is available with a VT hydraulic piston motor or a Sonic hydraulic piston motor with electronic control.

Designed for 75- to 120-horsepower skid steers, the BL4/SSL attacks unwanted vegetation in woods and on roads, railways, canals, rivers and ponds. Available in 62- and 72-inch working widths, the attachment also assists overgrowth cleanup, wildlife habitat protection, soil reclamation and the maintenance of orchards, vineyards and green areas.

The fixed-tooth rotor mulcher has a 12-inch maximum shredding diameter and comes in four models, ranging in weight from 2,822 to 3,020 pounds.

FAE BL5/EX Forestry Mulcher attachment on excavator mulching tree in woodsDesigned for mid-size excavators, FAE’s BL5/EX forestry mulcher has a 62-inch working width.FAEFAE’s BL5/EX forestry mulcher also comes in both VT and Sonic System versions and fits 24- to 36-ton excavators. Mulching brush up to 16 inches in diameter, it has a working width of 62 inches.

Designed for handling and removing vegetation in wooded areas, the BL5/EX offers a large shredding capacity and fast operational speed. Spike PRO counter blades provide finer mulched material.

The company’s Sonic System technology is also featured on its new 12-inch shredding diameter UMM/EX/HP/SONIC excavator mulcher. Fitting 30- to 36-ton excavators, the head has a flow rate of 48 to 79 gpm and a 62-inch working width.

The attachment features a heavy-duty frame, reinforced side plates, bolt-on counter blades, a flow-control valve and a variable-torque hydraulic piston motor. The UMM/EX/HP/SONIC manages and controls vegetation, maintains green spaces and manages wildlife habitats.

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