Earthmoving Roundup: 12 Attachments for Digging, Trenching, Grading and More

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Updated Jul 20, 2022
Werk Brau excavator 6 yard bucket poised with full bucket load on Deere excavator over Deere dump truck
Werk-Brau 6-yard bucket

Editor's note: This story was updated July 20, 2022, with new products.

These 12 attachments are designed for moving dirt.

The earthmovers include buckets, grader blades, augers and trenchers. These tools are designed to make your compact to large loaders and excavators more productive and possibly save you from having to bring in another designated machine:

With 20% more capacity than a standard 5-yard bucket, Werk-Brau says its new heavy-duty 6-yard bucket can load a 30-yard haul truck in just five passes. The bucket features T1 and AR400 steel in critical wear areas. It can be used on excavators up to 50 metric tons. The tip radius on the bucket is within OEM specifications for any standard excavator. An aggressive dig angle allows the bucket to more easily tear through the ground and materials to scoop faster and more efficiently. Tapered side plates reduce wear and allow for smoother dumping.

Case Precision Grader BladeCase Precision Grader BladeCase CECase Construction Equipment designed its new Precision Grader Blade to bring motor grader performance to large compact track loaders. The attachment is compatible with 2D and 3D machine control. It is designed to be plug and play, coming with the needed hydraulic hoses and 14-pin electrical connection. The 108-inch moldboard can simultaneously change elevation and slope with its dual lift cylinders. It features 60 degrees of combined blade rotation and 26 inches of combined blade side shift, the company says. The grader’s blade is controlled by the CTL’s existing joysticks.

Ditch Witch MT165 microtrencher attachment on a SK3000 stand-on skid steerDitch Witch MT165Ditch WitchDitch Witch’s new MT164 Microtrencher attachment for the company’s SK-series stand-on skid steer is engineered to create clean, narrow trenches for compact cable installation in one pass. A standard hydraulic plunge provides variable depth control and can trench up to 2 inches wide and 16 inches deep and get through a standard-sized curb. The saw can be placed on the left, right or center of the plate. Its “push or pull” design eliminates the need to remove the saw from the ground, creating minimal ground disturbance and a cleaner finish.

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Danuser EP Auger SystemDanuser EP Auger SystemDanuserDanuser says the planetary drive on its EP Auger System delivers 42% more torque than competitors. The motor is rated up to 3,500 psi for additional power when drilling through hard, compacted surfaces, the company says. The augers are compatible with excavators, backhoes, skid steers, compact track loaders and compact utility loaders. Models range from 6 to 35 gallons per minute of hydraulic flow and 1,500 to 3,500 psi. Check and fill plugs were designed to be easy to access. The hoses are protected for deeper digging in tight spots, the company says.

Eterra skid steer 4 Foot TrencherEterra 4 Foot TrencherEterraEterra put the same gear box in its augers into its 4 Foot Trencher for skid steers. The attachment is versatile enough to trench beside buildings and fences with its manual side shift. It can also trench in hard or frozen ground with the torque-increasing planetary gear drive. Eterra gave the trencher a 70/30 ratio of tungsten cutter to dirt teeth, which enables cutting through tough surfaces. An 18-inch discharge auger and crumber bar leave a cleaner trench, the company says. Consistent depth can be maintained with an adjustable skid shoe.

HitchDoc Push-Off BucketHitchDoc Push-Off BucketHitchDocThe HitchDoc Push-Off Bucket is designed to prevent materials from sticking to the bucket, so you don’t have to shake the carrier machine when dumping dense material. The bucket is also designed to increase your usual dump height by 3 feet for building taller piles or reaching taller trailers without sidewall damage. It can also extend your reach by 4 feet for better material placement or balanced loading when reaching the middle of a trailer. The faster dumping speeds up cycle times. And the bucket’s hydraulic extractor blade is self-cleaning.

ASV soil conditioner for compact track loaders and skid steers static shot of attachmentASV soil conditionerASVASV has launched new soil conditioner attachments for its compact track loaders and skid steers. The conditioners feature a direct-drive motor and tungsten-carbide teeth. Other features include 25 degrees of power angling, solid urethane tires of 72 or 84 inches, solid urethane wheels of 48 or 60 inches, floating connection leveling, and removable box end/wing plates. The conditioners come in widths ranging from 56.8 to 91.5 inches and hydraulic flow rates of 9 to 33 gallons per minute. Compatible ASV carriers include RT-25, RT-40, RT-50, RT-65, VT-70, RT-75, RS-75, VS-75 and RT-135.

Premier Attachments trencherPremier Attachments trencherPremier AttachmentsPremier Attachments offers a variety of trenchers for skid steers, compact track loaders and compact utility loaders, including high-flow models. The company’s patent-pending Duo-Tach Mounting System enables the trenchers to be used on skid steers and mini-skid steers without having to change mounts. Digging depths are available at 3, 4 and 5 feet, and digging widths are 6, 8, 10 or 12 inches. A Heavy-duty Planetary Drive system is designed to eliminate chain reduction. A variety of chain/tooth options are available. The manual side shift enables trenching next to structures.

Takeuchi TADV36 auger driveTakeuchi TADV36 auger driveTakeuchiTakeuchi designed its TADV36 auger drive for such tasks as digging fence post holes, planting trees and mixing cement. It can accommodate a bit size up to 36 inches. It requires a hydraulic flow rate of 15 to 25 gallons per minute. It is recommended for loaders with load capacities of over 1,500 pounds. The drive’s Parker motor features hydraulic pressure relief protection for forward and reverse operation. A variety of bits, able to tackle light ground up to concrete, are available. Planetary gear reduction delivers consistent high torque and long life, the company says.

FAE soil stabilizer attachment STABI FRS on back of tractorFAE STABI/FRSFAEThe FAE STABI/FRS is a dedicated soil stabilizer that can work the ground to a depth of 20 inches when attached to a 300- to 500-horsepower PTO tractor with an IVT or CVT transmission. The new fixed-rotor system provides stabilization with minimal power absorption, and the mixing chamber processes all types of soil making it suitable for large commercial jobs such as pad sites, parking lots, greenways, gravel roads, solar panel sites, energy and airport projects. Working widths run from 91 to 101 inches. 

Doosan ditching bucketDoosan ditching bucketDoosanDoosan ditch cleaning excavator buckets are designed for grading and backfilling tasks. They are available in standard and heavy-duty variations. They feature high-quality, abrasion-resistant material for reduced weight, the company says. Extra side and bottom wear plates made from heat-treated alloy steel, as well as a reversible bolt-on cutting edge, are available options. The buckets have side drainage holes for working in wet conditions.

Construction Attachments John Deere excavator bucketConstruction Attachments John Deere excavator bucketConstruction AttachmentsConstruction Attachments has a line of buckets designed for John Deere excavators between 6,000 and 15,000 pounds. Widths are available at 12, 16, 18, 24, 30 and 36 inches. They feature a 1-inch beveled C1060 front cutting edge and C1060 welded side cutter, AR plate front side cutters, side plates and wear strips. A smooth edge is also available. They come with a quick attach coupler and forged D-ring.