Turner Deploys Bobcat T7X Electric Compact Track Loader on UC Berkeley Jobsite

Bobcat T7X electric track skid steer on a Turner Construction Company jobsite
Turner Construction Company

Turner Construction Company has moved beyond testing to successfully deploy Bobcat’s T7X all-electric compact track loader on a jobsite in Berkeley, California.

The compact loader, provided by Sunbelt Rentals, is being used to regrade site access roads on The Gateway project, the future home of UC Berkeley’s computer and data science departments. Sunbelt Rentals has an exclusive agreement for the electric compact track loader, which was introduced at CES 2022.

Turner called the T7X a “natural fit” for the project due to its proximity to active classrooms and labs at the university. The all-electric track loader is less disruptive to students and faculty than its diesel counterpart. 

The deployment is part of Turner’s commitment to decarbonize construction operations. Earlier this year, Turner piloted a Volvo EC230 electric excavator on a project in Silicon Valley

“As we focus on reducing our carbon footprint the transition to clean equipment seems necessary. In the spirit of innovation, we want to hopefully dispel misgivings about transitioning to electrical equipment,” said Manu Garg, project executive on The Gateway. 

[Watch: A Closer Look at the World’s First All-Electric CTL: Bobcat’s T7X]

Bobcat T7X Electric Compact Track Loader on UC Berkeley JobsiteTurner Construction Company

Powered by a 62-kilowatt lithium-ion battery, the T7X can run continuously for four hours or for a full day with intermittent use. It also allows for indoor work, while reducing the risk of fluid leaks and operational vibrations.

“We are grateful to be able to provide our customers with new technology that will aide in achieving their sustainability goals along with doing our part to provide environmentally friendly solutions in the construction equipment realm,” said Sunbelt Product Line Manager Jenny Pratt. “Our customers will be able to operate outside of normal working hours and in applications where its’ diesel counterpart would not be suitable. This allows for increased productivity and quicker job completion. We are thankful to have been a part of this product development from the beginning with Bobcat and are excited to be able to help introduce the market to all electric equipment.”

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While this launch is celebrated, Turner says what’s more important is the overall industry’s adoption of new technologies.

“It's all about supply and demand. The electric construction equipment market depends not just on the development of the technology itself, but on a contractors' willingness to pilot, rent, and streamline that equipment too,” said Emi LaFountain, Turner regional sustainability manager. “It's thrilling to be at the crux of both positions and be a part of that push for a lower-carbon jobsite.”

It was not disclosed if the T7X is being charged on public charging infrastructure or via a portable battery energy storage system. Bobcat also offers an electric zero-turn mower, skid steer and compact excavators.