"Bigger, Smarter, Faster" – John Deere Unveils New 6M Utility Tractor Lineup

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John Deere describes the newly updated 6M lineup as 'fuel-efficient, configurable for numerous jobs and easy to operate.'
John Deere describes the newly updated 6M lineup as "fuel-efficient, configurable for numerous jobs and easy to operate."
John Deere

John Deere has updated its 6M utility tractor lineup for the model year 2025, featuring a 90- to 250-horsepower range. The new lineup brings to market 18 models, five frame-size options and the ability to customize the tractors to users' needs.

Dennis Ogle, marketing manager for the John Deere midsize tractor line, describes the new 6M tractor lineup as “bigger, smarter, faster and more efficient and customizable.”

The 6M lineup provides numerous ways to configure while maintaining standard features.

Tractors in the new 6M series come with Intelligent Power Management, which allows users a boost of up to 20 horsepower boost above rated horsepower in transport and nonstationary PTO applications. Models feature a redesigned sloped hood with greater visibility for improved loader usage, as well as wheelbases ranging from 94 inches to 110.2 inches.

Models from 95 to 140 rated horsepower come standard with a John Deere 24-speed PowrQuad Plus transmission. Those in the 145- to 220-horsepower range feature a standard 20-speed PowrQuad Plus (excluding the 6MH 155, which comes standard with a 20-speed AutoQuad Plus). At the top of the horsepower range, the 6M 230 and 250 feature a standard infinitely variable transmission (IVT).

Upgrades are available for all models, including the John Deere 16-speed PowrQuad Plus, the 24-speed AutoQuad Plus, the 24-speed CommandQuad Plus and IVTs. All models have IVT upgrades available for stepless driving.

For the 95- to 155-horsepower range, PowrQuad Plus and AutoQuad Plus creeper options are also available.

All models come with factory-installed JDLink Modems.

Other features include:

  • Newly available rear bar axles and dual-tire configurations
  • 50K transmission availability for all models to help transport speeds and boost efficiency.
  • New cab package options for increased comfort
  • More precision ag available on demand with updated cornerpost display and integrated connectivity.