Sam Norwood from John Deere talks with a Better Roads editor about John Deere’s new E Series skid steers

Sam Norwood took time to give me a walkaround of John Deere Forestry and Construction’s new E Series skid steers last week at World of Concrete 2013.

The skid steers were developed and designed using what Deere calls the “Bright Idea” concept – using customer feedback in conjunction with Deere engineers to create a machine that meets what customers really want and need.

The courtesy lighting (you can set the lighting to stay on anywhere from 30 to 90 seconds is pretty cool) and the three-way switchable controls are notable. The skid steers can be controlled by both foot and hand controls so equipment operators who are used to foot controls can control the machine that way and operators used hand controls can control the skid steers that way.

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