Distracted dump truck driver finds ditch a far more costly stopping tool than brakes

Updated Nov 22, 2013

Distracted Dump Truck Driver Brake failIt’s simple: distracted driving sucks. It doesn’t matter if it’s a phone call, a text message or email, or even a map, taking your eyes off the road is just a terrible idea. That goes doubly whenever you’re driving a dump truck with a full load. This video, taken in the Canadian city of Sant Lazare, Quebec, is a perfect illustration. God bless him, the driver does his absolute best to avoid the traffic ahead once his attention is refocused and does a pretty good job of it. They’ve got quite the cleanup on their hands though. The best part of the video is how the cars that weren’t clipped, very slowly proceed away from the accident. Can’t blame them considering what took place less than 10 feet to the right. Check out the video below.

[youtube trB6shukQ5k nolink]