HDE’s new Lookout detector warns equipment operators to prevent electrocution

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Updated Oct 24, 2019
HDE Lookout Voltage Detectors on display at ICUEEHDE Lookout Voltage Detectors on display at ICUEE

HD Electric Company has launched its new Lookout Voltage Detection Network, which can help equipment operators avoid dangerous energized conductors.

“The Lookout Detectors alert an operator when equipment is getting too close to an energized conductor, preventing severe damage to equipment and workers from the risk of electrocution,” says HDE Product Manager Youssef Takhchi. HDE revealed the new product at this month’s ICUEE show.

The detectors use WAVi Work Area Voltage Indication to detect strong electric fields. When detected, the devices sound an alarm and flash green, yellow and red. The detectors in a system also communicate with each other. When one detector senses a nearby energized conductor, it causes every detector in the network, within 100 feet between detectors, to emit the alert.

The detectors are water-resistant and can be placed on any type of equipment being used near energized conductors, including bucket trucks, digger derricks, pulling and tensioning equipment, drilling equipment, and even safety cones and fences, with available accessories, the company says. The have a battery life of up to 500 hours in Monitor mode and up to eight hours in Alert mode.

With the free HDE Lookout app, the detector can be operated remotely for turning the device on and off, selecting system voltage, listing connected detectors, checking battery levels, performing self-tests, renaming connected detectors and receiving real-time notifications when voltage is detected.

The detectors are 6.75 inches in diameter and weigh 1 pound. They have a typical warning distance of 3 feet from a 4kVAC conductor, which is based on the OSHA standard for minimum approach distances for qualified electrical workers.