Casella’s Guardian2, Dust Detective designed for easier jobsite air monitoring

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Updated Apr 22, 2019
Casella’s Dust Detective EnclosureCasella’s Dust Detective Enclosure

Casella has introduced two products for monitoring jobsite air, its Guardian2 site boundary monitor and an updated version of its Dust Detective Enclosure.



The Guardian2 site boundary monitor delivers remote monitoring and reporting of noise, dust and vibration levels and has been upgraded to include monitoring of volatile organic

Casella Guardian2Casella Guardian2

compounds (VOCs), which are harmful organic chemicals that can be emitted from topsoil on polluted land. The system is designed to help reduce any environmental issues during construction.

The Guardian2’s photoionization detector measures for VOCs up to 6,000 parts per million, assessing the emissions to set limits.

When limits are exceeded, Guardian2 sends an alert by text or email.

Casella says the Guardian2 is small, light and easy to transport, and operates by simple plug-and-play operation. It produces a site- or noise-compliance report manually or automatically that can be sent to multiple users.


Dust Detective Enclosure

Dust Detective Enclosure closedDust Detective Enclosure closed

Casella has upgraded it Dust Detective Enclosure, which provides short-term indoor and outdoor boundary and environmental monitoring.

It encompasses Casella’s Microdust Pro real-time dust monitor and the Apex2 personal air-sampling pump. The casing has an IP65 dust-tight rating.

It can monitor for over 12 hours on its internal battery, the company says. It sends real-time data that can be downloaded for analysis and reporting, allowing the identification of trends in dust levels, areas of concern and hotspots.

Casella says it redesigned the enclosure with quick-release clips to speed setup and an internal layout that neatly contains each piece of the system, including calibration devices.