Filling up Ergodyne’s Chill-Its work vest with water keeps you cool on the jobsite for up to 3 days

Updated Apr 8, 2015


Ergodyne is tackling heat stress prevention with its new dry evaporative cooling vest, the latest addition to the company’s Chill-Its cooling line. Using a dry evaporative technology, the vest is designed to keep workers cool and dry throughout the summer.

6685-Dry-Vest-Filling-zoomThe vest has an inner lining and an outer shell combined with mesh material on the sides for increased ventilation. The vest remains completely dry, even during the activation stage and will provide cooling for up to three days.

To activate, the user fills the vest with up to 20 ounces of water via a watertight cap, and then massages the vest to distribute the water throughout the shoulders and the front. The vest’s inner membrane absorbs the water and begins the cooling process, while remaining lightweight.

Once activated, the vest begins to cool immediately, with a maximum cooling capacity of 59 degrees Fahrenheit. The vest is also machine washable.