After being speared in the head by a huge piece of rebar, this guy probably won’t forget his hard hat again

Updated Jan 31, 2015

A Chinese construction worker has somehow survived having a massive piece of rebar becoming lodged in his head.

According to the New York Post, Cai Hanzhong, 32, was working on a first floor staircase within a building under construction in Xi’an, a city in northwest China. Suddenly, a piece of rebar fell and speared him in the head, just below the cheek. He wasn’t wearing a hard hat.

One of his co-workers recounted seeing Hanzhong staggering out from the staircase holding the massive piece of rebar in his hand and wailing.

“I was in pain and felt dizzy, but it was only when I went to touch my head that I realized there was this metal pole stuck in me,” Hanzhong said. “That’s when I panicked.”


He was rushed to the hospital where firefighters were called in to use a blowtorch to cut the rebar down far enough in order for doctors to give him a CT scan. The scan revealed that the bar had penetrated Hanzhong’s head by about 2 inches. Though his brain was in little danger, had the bar gone in 1/8 of an inch further, it would have hit his optic nerve, blinding him.

Just another reminder that while on the jobsite, the safest approach to take is to follow Murphy’s Law: “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.”