Boom truck crane topples onto Detroit garage, knocks out power for 950 homes

Updated Sep 6, 2013
Credit: Tony Briscoe / The Detroit NewsCredit: Tony Briscoe / The Detroit News

A boom truck crane toppled onto a garage in a Detroit suburb last week leaving 950 homes without power, according to the Detroit News.

The crane, mounted onto a truck bed, was removing sections of a 100-foot-tall silver maple that had been cut near a home in Royal Oak, Michigan. The homeowner, Tyler Lynch, said from what he was told the crane picked up a piece it couldn’t handle before it toppled over into an upright position.

Thankfully no one was inside when the home when the crane fell and the operator was able to climb out of the cab.

The fire chief told the paper that the crane’s tumble apparently made such a noise that it was originally phoned in as a plane crash.

To get the crane back on its wheels, two other cranes were brought in to lift it up.