West Seneca, NY– A new line of professional-grade grease guns promises a simpler, cleaner work day for equipment service technicians.

Lube Shuttle

Beka-Max of America Inc. has introduced Lube-Shuttle® grease guns by Mato, designed to allow complete use of lubricating grease without leaking grease onto equipment, tools and clothing. Initially, they will stock three models of the Lube-Shuttle grease guns, all featuring re-useable screw-top grease cartridges.

The Lube-Shuttle system’s screw-top cartridges keep reloads fast and simple while the screw?top fitting ensures absolutely clean handling. Available in a pistol-grip, side-lever and battery-powered models, all of these German-built grease guns feature a premium-quality zinc-plated steel barrel.

Beka-Max of America Inc. is recognized as a leading innovator and supplier of automatic lubrication systems for heavy equipment, hydraulic breakers and wear surfaces in the transportation sector. Jacquie McDougall, President of Beka-Max of America Inc., says that the Lube-Shuttle system is a welcome addition to the firm’s product offering. “Every shop has grease guns in it, even when their equipment is fitted out with autogreasing systems. Guns are still required for certain hard-to-reach service points or even for testing the lubrication valves. We’re glad we can offer customers a complete one-stop service for every aspect of their lubrication needs.”

Already in widespread use in Europe, the Lube-Shuttle grease guns have been well received in trials with North American shops. Service managers report that technicians are saving time and steps by keeping grease off their hands and work areas. This eliminates a clean-up before they switch to other tools and service steps. The quality fit of the Lube-Shuttle mechanism also means that the complete contents of the grease cartridge is dispensed. This eliminates the cost of wasted grease and means no safety or environmental hazards to clean, either.

“The more you use grease guns, the more you’ll appreciate the Lube-Shuttle system,” says McDougall. “Technicians say they like the look and the feel of this tool system compared to throwaways. These grease guns will outlast traditional units and are designed to be trouble-free. They’re a good investment for any large fleet, or for OEMs who field mobile technicians who spend their whole day doing service calls.”

Beka-Max of America Inc. offers a full range of greases in the Lube-Shuttle cartridges, from standard EP2 shop grease to chisel paste for breakers. To reload the grease gun, technicians simply remove the screw cap, slide the new cartridge into the barrel and twist to seal.

Soon, says McDougall, they  will also offer pail pumps and adapters for shops to refill their used cartridges onsite. Refilling the cartridges will reduce the costs even further and will eliminate shipping costs for grease supplies.

The model line-up for Lube-Shuttle system includes:

–       A one-hand grease gun fitted with a pistol grip producing injection pressures up to 300 bar

–       A side-lever grease gun with an ergonomic hand grip that releases 1.5 cc grease per stroke with a usual working pressure of about 400 bar

–       A battery-operated grease gun driven by a 14.4V DC motor and designed to deliver up to 100 cc/min at pressures up to 400 bar

For shops that prefer pneumatic tools, an air-operated model is also available on order. The air-powered grease gun features a one-hand pistol grip that delivers 1 cc of grease per shot at pressures up to 480 bar.

About Beka-Max of America Inc.

Beka is today’s leading global brand of automatic lubrication systems for industrial, over-the-road and off-road applications. Since 1927, Beka has been trusted by equipment manufacturers and owners for high quality innovative central lubrication systems. Across the US, Beka-Max of America Inc. and its dealer network delivers on the Beka promise of environmentally friendly, trouble-free products that increase component life, reduce repair costs and increase the value of your equipment. We measure our success by your up-time.