Volvo launches new D-Series wheeled excavators

With more fuel-efficient engines, improved digging performance and modern styling, Volvo Construction Equipment has fundamentally redesigned its popular wheeled excavators. Introducing the D-Series for North America — the EW180D and EW210D.

Volvo Construction Equipment has significantly updated its wheeled excavators with the launch of its new D-Series. These rugged, quality machines are highly mobile, productive and flexible — both on road and off.

Trench digging, concrete breaking, grading, craning, hole boring — the wheeled excavator is one of the most adaptable tool carriers in construction equipment, with the additional benefit of being able to move independently between jobsites at speeds of up to 22 mph (35 kph). It gets the job done fast with no fuss. Volvo wheeled excavators are renowned for their strength, balance, comfort, and reliability.

The new models available in North America consist of the EW180D and EW210D, with weights of 19.9 and 25.1 tons (18.1 and 22.8 tonnes), respectively. The improvements in these multipurpose, flexible, fuel-efficient and comfortable models can be found in almost every significant element of the machine — new engine, cab, hydraulics, undercarriage, and access to service check points.

A powerful combination

The D-Series offers more powerful Tier 4 interim (Tier 4i) certified Volvo engines, delivering lower emissions and exemplary fuel efficiency. Featuring Volvo V-ACT technology, these six-cylinder units produce high torque at low engine speeds. This combination gives more power and low fuel consumption, meeting the needs of both efficiency and environmental care. These engines work in fuel-efficient harmony with intelligent, advanced hydraulics and well-matched components. Fuel efficiency is further enhanced by the introduction of ECO mode, which has been added to the choice of work modes available. Engines are also fitted with a fuel-saving automatic idling and shutdown system. The idling system reduces the engine speed if the controls are inactive for a preset period between 3 and 20 seconds or shuts the engine off if inactive for a preset period.

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The D-Series wheeled excavators are available with a mono boom and a two-piece boom providing flexibility and versatility in a wide range of applications. Increased breakout and digging forces are the result of increased hydraulic pressure, optimized hydraulic cylinders and arm / boom geometry.

A high-torque swing motor means faster cycle times when working on slopes or placing loads. The undercarriage firmly anchors the machine for digging, lifting and precise operations. A robust dozer blade and wide gauge outriggers allow the excavators to lift, load or grade as required. To improve machine stability, the new D-Series features optional increased counterweights from the C-Series models they replace.

See more, do more

The new D-Series is fitted with a rear view camera as standard, displayed via a high quality color monitor in the cab. An optional side view camera is also available. These features of the spacious ROPS-certified cab fitted to these new machines offer excellent all-around visibility. Digging, lifting or craning, the operator has the cleanest line of sight for excellent machine maneuvering with ergonomic and easy-to-use controls.

With ample foot room and storage space, the cab offers comfort and convenience, while reducing operator fatigue. The cab features automatic climate control, which is standard, and delivers cool or warm filtered air through 14 vents for increased comfort. Operator convenience is further increased, thanks to a slim, adjustable and unobtrusive steering column and a clear, bright and easy-to-read display delivering important diagnostic and machine performance information. Adjustable seat, pedals and joystick offer the perfect operating position.

The enhanced suspension system reduces operator fatigue and whole body vibration. In-cab noise levels are also reduced, thanks to the low revving engine and the pressurized insulated cab. The attention to detail continues outside the cab: LED lights on the rear counterweight are bright and fast-acting, as well as having a longer service life over traditional bulbs. All steps and platforms feature punched steel plates for superior grip, even in wet or icy conditions.

Productivity is also enhanced as the operator can infinitely adjust flow and pressure to suit the particular attachment fitted without leaving the seat. Easy tool changing is also possible. The EW180D and EW210D can work with three types of quick couplers (S-1, S-6 or Universal). Daily inspections of engine oil, coolant, hydraulic oil and filters can be done via the easy-to-read, in-cab control monitor.

The standard Volvo CareTrack telematics system conducts a self-diagnostic routine, alerting the operator and fleet manager when a fault code occurs. CareTrack also offers a range of other important information, including fuel consumption, machine location and maintenance schedule.

Maintaining standards

Serviceability is built into the new wheeled excavators from Volvo. Grouped, ground level access via large wide-opening doors makes inspection and service convenient and straightforward. Centralized lubrication points, accessible radiators and long service intervals reduce downtime.

An optional auto greasing system will also supply the correct amount of lubricant to all greasing points on a timed basis. Offering mobility, ease of use, comfort, safety and adaptability, the D-Series wheeled excavators from Volvo Construction Equipment offer more and less — more tools, more tasks, more comfort and more control — all while using less fuel and less time.