MoDOT wins national highway safety award

The Missouri Department of Transportation (MODOT) was recognized Sept. 27 by the Governor’s Highway Safety Association for its work to save lives on Missouri highways.

MoDOT received the Peter K. O’Rourke Special Achievement Award for spearheading a statewide safety coalition that has helped the state realize a decrease in traffic fatalities and disabling injuries for the past five years. The award also recognized the state for reaching its goal of 850 or fewer roadway fatalities two years early.

In presenting the award, the association noted that under MoDOT’s leadership, the Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety successfully combined engineering, enforcement and education to help the state achieve traffic fatality levels not seen since 1950.

Traffic fatalities in Missouri have decreased by 35 percent since 2005, and the trend is continuing downward. For 2011, traffic fatalities are down by 11 percent.

“We have shown what can be accomplished when we all work together toward a common goal,” said Highway Safety Director Leanna Depue.  “We are grateful for this recognition, but we’re even more thankful for the fact that more Missourians are making it home safely to their loved ones.”