National Ground Water Association Conference

Groundwater: Cities, Suburbs, and Growth Areas — Remedying the Past/Managing for the Future

Los Angeles • August 8-9, 2011

Conference overview: Greater metropolitan areas throughout the world struggle with a myriad of issues to supply their populations with potable drinking water supplies, as well as manage circumstances and situations that affect public health, safety, and the integrity of aging infrastructure.

  • How do cities and the surrounding areas maintain or expand water supplies?
  • How do they address public sanitation and damaged infrastructure?
  • How do they manage storm water, if at all?
  • How is groundwater protection and recharge being addressed in their planning efforts?
  • What is the state of groundwater in urban and surrounding areas in terms of groundwater supply and sustainability, and what actions are being taken to ensure integrity of the resource?
  • What are the stresses on groundwater in suburban growth areas where new homes rely predominantly on private wells?
  • How does construction dewatering, quarrying, and other geotechnical activities interact and affect groundwater in urban and suburban areas?
This conference will address these and other global groundwater issues specifically pertinent to large metropolitan areas, from basic to complex levels, and from planning for protecting public health and safety to the implementation and execution of scientific and engineering practices.
Who should attend
  • City and municipal planning discipline professionals
  • City, county, and local administrators, including mayors
  • Developers
  • Power generators and water utilities
  • Stormwater and wastewater professionals
  • Policymakers (at all levels of government)
  • Economists
  • Consulting and engineering firms
  • Chambers of commerce/industry
  • Regulators
  • Bankers (and USDA banking arm)
  • Academics
  • Transportation professionals.
For more information, visit the National Ground Water Association website.