Inspection Checkpoint

Used compact track loader checklist

By Marcia Gruver Doyle

Machine make/model:


Serial number:

Bucket size:

Exterior frame/bucket/cylinders

Note condition of the following:

• Bucket cutting edge

• Bucket structure/wear plate

• Rear door

• Rear lights

• Cab handles

• Cab glass

• Boom cylinders

• Tilt cylinders

• Hydraulic lines, hose and fittings

Overall appearance:


Note condition of the following on the right side of the machine:

• Track

• Idler

• Rollers

• Sprocket

• Axle seals

Note condition of the following on the left side of the machine:

• Track

• Idler

• Rollers

• Sprocket

• Axle seals

Internal checklist

Are the auxiliary couplers working?

Engine oil leaks?

Engine fuel leaks?

Engine smoking?

Oil cooler leaks?

Vent tube smoke?

Radiator leaks?

Radiator hose leaks?

Water pump leaking?

Are all shrouds in place?

Note the condition of the following:

• Engine oil level/condition

• Engine belts

• Hydraulic oil level/condition

• Outer/inner air filters

• Radiator

• Coolant

• Battery/electrical connections

• Air filter/air intake system

• Muffler

• Flex pipe

Operational checklist

Is the backup alarm operational?

Drive controls return to neutral?

Any hesitation when drive controls engaged?

Note any problems with the following:

• Lift cycle

• Boom drift under load

• Tilt drift

• Tilt leaking

• Steering adjustment

• Bucket breakout

• Lift breakout

• Right turn

• Left turn

• Smoking during turn

• Seat belt

• Safety bar

• Parking brakes

• Cab lights

• Cab instruments

• Levers/pedals/joysticks

• Emergency engine/hydraulic exit system

• Cylinder safety devices

Wear item inspection

Condition of the following:

• Tilt pin bushings

• Lift pin bushings

• Boom arm cracks

• H-frame cracks

• Coupler bushings

• Coupler levers

• Coupler frame