Allmand’s Night-Lite Pro II boasts updated features

Choose from V-Series (vertical only) or “lay down” tower models with Allmand’s Night-Lite Pro II light tower, launched at the 2011 Rental Show in Las Vegas. The light tower features molded poly gull-wing style enclosure doors, which offers protection from damage and rust while enabling easy serviceability of engine, generator and electrical service components. An 1,800-rpm liquid cooled Kohler, Kubota or Cat diesel engine powers the unit, which also features a 30-gallon fuel tank for up to 60 hours of continuous run time. Allmand’s SHO-HD lighting system includes four 1,250-watt metal halide lamps that produce 600,000 lumens.

The Night-Lite Pro II’s new plug-in light ballast assembly is fully accessible and is removable for service. Replaceable components also offer a lower repair cost than one piece ballasts.

To improve performance in adverse weather conditions, the tower features a four-point stabilizer system that has two sliding side outriggers with swivel screw jacks. Swivel screw jacks are also located on the trailer drawbar and the rear of the enclosure. Properly deployed stabilizers will enable the Pro II to handle wind gusts up to 65 mph.

For the “lay-down” models, Allmand has included a self locking spring-loaded tower latch that automatically locks the tower in the upright position, and the manual winch that raises the tower is located on the side of the trailer enclosure, improving safety and convenience. The tower is also easily transportable, with 13-inch tires, lifting eye, tie-down rings and an adjustable height combination 2-inch ball/3-inch pintle hitch.