N.H. DOT opens New England’s first open road tolling system

The New Hampshire Department of Transportation (DOT) has successfully opened New England’s first open road tolling system.

The agency has implemented the Telvent SmartMobility Tolling system at the Hampton Mainline Toll Plaza in New Hampshire with the goal of relieving the I-95 summertime traffic congestion and allowing drivers to travel through at free-flow speeds.

The system opened to the public on Memorial Day Weekend for a full-scale test and subsequently was permanently opened on June 17.

The open-road tolling system has allowed nearly five times as many vehicles as the conventional cash toll lanes and more than a 52 percent increase in traffic throughput than a dedicated E-ZPass lane where drivers must slow down to pass through, according to Telvent.

“This project will make a tremendous difference for drivers, improving their safety, relieving congestion, particularly during peak tourism seasons, and will help to reduce harmful emissions from idling vehicles,” Chris Waszczuk, Bureau of Turnpikes Administrator., Bureau of Turnpikes Administrator for New Hampshire, said in a press statement.