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Replaceable SpreaderReplaceable spreader maximizes productivity

SnowEx’s SP-2400 replaceable tailgate spreader is poly constructed to eliminate maintenance and corrosion concerns for year-round dump truck use.

• Works with vehicle’s 12-volt DC electrical system

• In-cab dual controller independently regulates auger and spinner speeds

• Spreads road sand, bulk salt or sand/salt mixture as far as 30 feet.

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Maintenance FreeMaintenance-free mega sweeper

The SweepEx Mega 600’s 60-inch long mainframe cleans with no moving parts, eliminating the maintenance associated with rotary-style brooms.

• Polypropylene brush sections offer durability, flexibility

• 11 brush rows ensure maximum cleaning power

• Mounting kits available for forklifts, bucket lips, three-point hitches and skid-steer pivots.

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Broom SpeedsBroom speeds cleanup

Champion Motor Graders’ broom attachment ensures quick clean up of intersections, jobsites and roadways after maintenance.

• Available on several models – C60, C66, C70, C80 and C86

• Mounts to frame, dozer blade or front end loader attachment

• Has adjustable broom angle of 30 degrees left and right.

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Simplify SpeedSimplify speed control

Worksaver’s SSMB Series of mounted rotary brooms feature a variable control valve that enables broom speed adjustment independently of engine or ground speed.

• Available in 5-, 6- and 7-foot widths with 32-inch-diameter convoluted poly or poly and wire brushes

• Height adjustment chains ensure even operating positions

• Includes parking stands and a manual or hydraulic angle kit.

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6 Foot Wide6-foot-wide reclaimer

Perform large jobs with Asphalt Zipper’s 6-foot-wide portable reclaimer.

• Quickly mounts on the bucket of most loaders

• Pulverizes asphalt up to 12 inches thick and 72 inches wide

• Crushes more than 6,000 square feet per hour.

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All Purpose ContAll-purpose compact remover

Smith Manufacturing’s FS390h all-purpose compact remover removes up to 16-inch-wide and 3/8-inch-deep per pass concrete or asphalt substrates.

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• Mounts to all skid steer loaders

• Use as a diamond groover, shaver, scarifier or planer

• Removes at speeds up to 4,500 linear feet per hour.

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Erase PaintErase paint without leftover grooves

The X1 hydraulic eraser from Smith Manufacturing removes stripes with no leftover grooves on asphalt or concrete substrates.

• Eliminates sharp-edge grooves and ghost lines

• Removes up to 5,000 linear feet per hour

• Erases paint, thermoplastic, epoxy and more up to 10 inches wide and 1/8 inches deep per pass.

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Concrete CrusherConcrete crusher removes rebar

The Lemac Concrete Crusher not only crushes concrete but also removes and cuts rebar.

• Offset pivot maximizes force

• Attaches on the excavator’s bucket cylinder

• Main pivot features heat-treated pin, bearings, seals and o-rings.

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Drill ShiftsDrill shifts for drilling second holes

E-Z Drill’s model 210-5 EQ MT multi-gang dowel drill mounts to most backhoes and excavators and uses a “side shift” that allows operators to drill a second set of holes without repositioning the carrier.

• Drills holes from 5?8 to 2 ½ inches in diameter with up to 18-inch maximum depth

• Safety swivel lock ensures safe movement from patch to patch

• Requires 500 cfm of air for operation.

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Handle More MaterialHandle more material

Designed for 3-cubic-yard and larger wheel loaders, E2 Systems’ portable modular material placer handles a range of materials.

• 60-inch conveyor places 300 cubic yards of concrete an hour

• Operates from inside the cab using hydraulic controls

• Conveyor detaches when loader is needed elsewhere.

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High Production CutterHigh-production cutter for high-density asphalt

General Equipment’s 190C Cut-R-Tach rotary asphalt cutting attachment cuts up to 6,000 lineal feet per hour in high-density asphalt.

• Clamps directly to buckets without special tools

• 19-inch diameter cutting blade made of alloy steel

• Maximum asphalt cutting depth of 5 ½ inches.

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Easily RipEasily rip up road surfaces

Break up road surfaces to a depth of 15 inches with the PTH Ripper tractor attachment.

• Has seven tine arms with interchangeable excavator teeth

• Release mechanism tears out stones

• Swing mounts manufactured from specially cast material.

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Skid SteerSkid steer planer has 8-inch cutting depth

Choose from 16-, 18-, 24-, 30- and 40-inch cutting widths with Zanetis’ line of cold planers for skid steers.

• Driveline has a planetary torque hub rated for 42 gpm at 5,000 psi

• 1 ½-inch-thick cutting drum tube improves wear life and adds weight to cutting area centerline

• 5-inch tooth clearance reduces drag in the cut.

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Keep YourKeep your attachment in place

Increase versatility with the VersaLoc coupler from JRB by Paladin Construction Group, which handles multi-pin spreads and various pin diameters.

• Creates a lower offset, compensating for traditional force loss

• Pilot operated check valve ensures the cylinder is locked in the event of hydraulic pressure loss

• Stick pin detent lock retains the attachment.

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Coupler ImprovesCoupler improves attachment fit

Maintain breakout force with the Wain-Roy XLS bucket/coupler system, which duplicates the original attachment pin-to-tip relationship.

• Suitable for backhoes and excavators in the 5,500- to 60,000-pound weight class

• Offered in mechanical and hydraulic release

• Shim system ensures tight fit.

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Tackle The ToughTackle the tough stuff

Improve your excavator’s performance with Werk-Brau’s severe duty excavator buckets.

• Suitable for compact machines, backhoes and excavators

• Useful for abrasive material

• Excavator buckets offer customizable options.

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Hammer Absorbs 2Hammer absorbs shock, recoil and impulse vibration

A mounting bracket absorbs shock, recoil and impulse vibration to minimize wear on the 4,200-pound GH-10 hydraulic hammer from NPK Construction Equipment.

• Impact energy class of 4,000 foot-pounds

• Internal drain system and bottom tie rod nuts

• Hammer bracket with an enclosed bottom protects hammer and tool assembly.

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Stag BucketStag bucket focuses force on one tooth at a time

The angled edge staggered tooth Stag Bucket from Leading Edge Attachments allows operators to focus force on one tooth at a time when digging through hard and compact materials.

• Teeth are on the same plane, creating flat trench bottoms

• Focuses entire breakout force on one point for huge penetration

• Available for excavators from 22,000 to 200,000 pounds

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Modular JawModular jaw set offers 360-degree rotation

Genesis Attachments’ Versi Pro 15 modular-design jaw sets for mid-sized machines offer 360-degree rotation for fast and easy material access and placement.

• Jaws available in shear and concrete cracking configurations

• Designed for excavators in the 28,000-pound range

• All bolt-on components.

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Versatile Grapple1Versatile grapple for excavators

The Craig Contractor Grapple offers excavators the versatility of a grapple running a coupler or pin grabber.

• Claws pivot on an independent pin

• Serrated clamping jobs hold loads securely

• Available in 2-over-3, 3-over-4 and 4-over-5 configurations.

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Jaw SetJaw set minimizes air, maximizes scrap

Allied-Gator’s Quick-Change Densifier Jaw Set condenses material during loading to minimize air volume and maximize scrap volume in every load.

• Continual power gain throughout jaw closure

• Dual-moving jaws and unrestricted 360-degree rotation

• Available for MT tool sizes 20, 40, 70, 90 and 100.

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Shearing CrackingShearing, cracking and crushing in one machine

The MT Series Multi-Tool from Allied Attachments performs all shearing, cracking and crushing applications with one machine and easily changed jaw sets.

• 11 sizes ranging from 800 to 52,000 pounds

• Quick-Change jaw sets can be changed in the field in 15 minutes

• Continual power gain through jaw closure and unrestricted 360-degree rotation.

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Load And DischargeLoad and discharge materials quickly, efficiently

Clamshell rehandling buckets from Young load and discharge materials quickly and efficiently.

• Handle materials up to 6,000 pounds per cubic yard

• 360-degree continuous power rotation

• Optional fixed, non-rotating head.

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Four In OneFour-in-one bucket

Helac’s PowerGrip multi-purpose bucket can be used as a trenching, grading or clamshell bucket or as a grapple or hydraulic thumb for backhoes and excavators up to 45,000 pounds.

• No obstructing crossbars inside the shell or jaw

• No exposed cylinder rods, hinge pins or bushings

• Jaw operates independent of the curl cylinder and opens to 120 degrees.

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E ConsistentlyExperience consistently high crushing force

Perform heavy duty industrial, bridge and building demolition jobs with Atlas Copco’s CombiCutter CC6000.

• Available with universal or steel cutting jaws with a single and double blade jaw arm

• Designed for 127,870- to 187,390-pound carriers

• Coupling and Positioning System enables jaw changes on site, and a central main pin

reduces change time by up to 75 percent.

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UnderwaterUnderwater breaker

Operate underwater with Comet Breaker’s CM 200 breaker.

• 17,000-pound-class breaker is useful for a range of applications

• Features powerful hammering capacity and is designed for smooth oil flow

• Suitable for 65- to 120-ton excavators and delivers 230 to 380 blows per minute.

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Hammer DeliversHammer delivers more power

Accommodate environments that require a reduced noise level with FRD’s Qt breaker, which is useful for excavator and pedestal applications.

• Higher back head pressure and larger piston diameter deliver 20 percent increase

in impact energy over previous models

• Dust intake prevention system lengthens the life of piston, working steel and bushings

• One piece enclosure protects critical components.

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Grapple TacklesGrapple tackles large debris

Perform a variety of applications including demolition, rock handling and trailer loading with M.C. Faulkner and Sons’ self-contained hydraulic grapple.

• Suitable for 10,000- to 110,000-pound carriers

• Choice of bypass tines or a replaceable bolt-on edge

• Equipped with quick coupler or pin-on interfaces.

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Simple DesignSimple design minimizes downtime

Easily assemble, disassemble and repair Maverick Hammers’ Model 4750 hydraulic hammer, which has only three moving parts.

• Alloy steel cylinder is dispersion hardened for durability

• Carbon alloy backhead withstands extreme force over time

• Has anti-dust feature, auto-greasing system and infinitely adjustable frequency.

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Rotation EnhancesRotation enhances productivity

PSM’s grapples and clamshells are available in articulating and free hanging models.

• Features continuous 360-degree rotation

• Has high torque hydraulic motors and high pressure swivel

• Includes hardened pins and bushings and geared slue ring bearing.

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Lightweight BucketLightweight bucket features high strength components

Improve performance with Rotobec’s clamshell bucket, which offers a high strength to weight ratio.

• Manufactured from high tensile, wear resistant steel

• Capacities range from ½ to 10 cubic yards

• Lightweight design maximizes load capacity.

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Grade In ReverseGrade in reverse

Finish grading in reverse with the Double D SS Series box blade.

• Available in 6- or 8-foot widths

• Adjustable and replaceable side cutter blades

• Standard GPS or laser mounting brackets.

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Ultimate GraderUltimate grader control

The new Edge Grader Blade and Laser System from CEAttachments provides operators with ultimate control with an in-cab control box and optional laser system.

• 96-inch blade with a reversible and replaceable cutting edge and optional end plate kit

• Hoses and flat face couplers standard

• Optional laser system provides simple, precise control to save material and labor.

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Auguer DigsAuger digs deeper in tight spots

The Danuser EP Heavy Duty Auger series features a compact housing design and hoses routed through the top for a deeper dig in tight locations.

• Planetary design with internal components completely sealed and running in oil

• Forged planetary housing and output with tapered roller bearings

• 2-inch hex output shaft.

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Ripper UsesRipper uses combo of crowd and curl forces

The AIM Attachments HDR Ripper easily breaks frozen ground, soft rock, paved areas and compacted soil using a combination of crowd and curl forces.

• AR400 steel construction

• Replaceable ripper teeth

• Designed for excavators of all models and sizes.

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Steel ExcvatorSteel excavator buckets for machines of all sizes

AIM Attachments manufactures excavator buckets with AR400 steel cutting edges and side cutters for machines of all sizes.

• Thick horizontal wear straps and full-curve side wear straps

• Removes rocks and debris without removing soil

• Heavy duty lifting D-ring

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Powerful DiggerPowerful digger for large hydraulic systems

General Equipment’s 671 Dig-R-Tach Series 24 delivers maximum drilling torque of 2,018 foot-pounds at 2,500 psi for larger hydraulic systems in backhoes and excavators.

• Pengo-type, cast-steel boring heads and forged teeth provide maximum digging performance

• 2-inch hexagon drive system

• Available with augers up to 36 inches in diameter.

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RippifierRear-mounted Rippifier

The rear-mounted Rippifier from Champion Attachments loosens hard-packed aggregate surfaces with ease.

• Cuts with widths of 60 or 77 inches

• Cut depths from 12 to 14 inches

• Shanks can be moved or replaced to allow for single-tooth ripping.

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Carry MoreCarry more payload with compact machine

Move up to four times the payload of traditional buckets with Ashland Industries’ Ground Hog 2500 scraper attachment for compact track loaders and skid steers.

• Features a 2.5-cubic-yard heaped capacity

• Oscillating front beams and large caster shoulder weight to minimize stress to the loader arms

• 38 degrees of rotation ensures uniform cuts when operating on uneven ground.

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Move More DirtMove more dirt with hopper bucket

Carry more material using a small skid steer with CJJ’s Hopper Bucket, which features its own set of wheels.

• 84 inches wide, 85 inches long and 39 inches high

• 1,100-pound unit connects quickly to the host machine

• 89-cubic-foot heaped and 68-cubic-foot leveled capacity.

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Trencher Suits1Trencher suits range of carriers

Trench in a variety of material including hard or dry, frost and rocky soils with Lowe Manufacturing’s trenching attachment.

• Digging depths range from 24 to 60 inches

• Digging widths range from 4 to 12 inches

• Available for compact or full size track loaders and skid steers.

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Do It AllDo it all with multi-purpose bucket

Achieve versatility with the Bradco 4-in-1 bucket by Paladin Construction Group, which serves as a loader bucket, clam, grapple, dozer, box scraper and bottom dump bucket.

• Models available for skid steers and compact tractors

• Manufactured from lightweight material with strong inges and pins

• Evenly distributes the load and enables the operator to andle greater capacity.

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Attachment FillsAttachment fills trench in a single pass

Fill a 6-foot-deep trench in one pass with McLaughlin’s backfill attachment.

• Available in a 43-inch width

• Offset auger moves quickly and allows for even

cleanup on the sides

• Eliminates hand shoveling and trencher backfilling.

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Auger SizesAuger sizes to fit any need

Dig hole sizes to match your application with the 75 Series auger from McMillen by Paladin Construction, which features diameters from 4 to 36 inches.

• For skid steers, backhoes, tractors, wheel loaders,

excavators and telehandlers

• Sealed planetary reduction auger drive performs efficient

digging in most conditions

• All gear design extends life and reduces maintenance.

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Reach OutReach out with Extendavator

Increase your excavator’s reach with the Extendavator from Paul Wever Construction Equipment.

• Available in 4- to 50-foot lengths and six weight classes

• Rated at full reach with full bucket with no extra counterweight

• Transportable with your excavator and requires no additional hydraulic valves.

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Dipper LiftsDipper lifts heavy loads

Paul Wever’s extendable dipper fits compact and full size excavators, as well as backhoes.

• Increases reach by up to 30 percent

• Delivers ability to lift heavy loads

• Installs easily and transports with the machine.

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Pulpwood GrapplePulpwood grapple handles maximum loads

The PG Series pulpwood grapple from Builtrite uses high-tensile steel and optimum arm curvature to handle large loads of logs.

• 360-degree continuous rotation with high-torque motors and high-pressure hydraulic swivel

• Abrasion-resistant arm tips and arms lined with hard facing

• Oversized, hardened cylinder and arm pivot pins with replaceable bushings.

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Rotary AxRotary-ax cuts a wide swath

The Prentice MR-244 rotary-ax from Caterpillar Forest Products clears brush and mulches small trees up to 8 inches in diameter while cutting an 8-foot wide path.

• Operator control of discharged material

• Containment area holds material longer for better mulching action

• Available for Prentice site prep tractor models 2864, 2764 and 2664.

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Mulcher RotatesMulcher rotates in front for aggressive feed

The KwikAX mulcher from Loftness Attachments rotates in front for an aggressive feed rate, reducing vegetation to ground level without grooming the site.

• Operates up to an 83-inch head on as little as 39 hydraulic horsepower

• Backdragging capability reprocesses material on the ground for a finer finished product

• Available in 53, 63, 73 and 83-inch widths.

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Brush CutterBrush cutter does it all

The ProGrind system grinder cuts large trees and small brush on any terrain.

• 440-horsepower Caterpillar C-13 engine supplies power to the cutter head

• Rotator can be attached to cutter head

• Allows operator to change position of the cutter head during operation.

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Hydraulically RotatingHydraulically rotating tree shear also serves as grapple

The hydraulically rotating Timberline tree shear from Sidney Manufacturing features the ability to rotate after the cut, allowing the machine to serve as a grapple to lift, wrangle and carry the fallen tree.

• Cuts live hardwood trees up to 14 inches in diameter in one cut

• Uses more than 70,000 pounds of force

• T1 steel blades provide a clean cut.

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Combination LoaderCombination loader, mulcher

key for high production

The Terex ASV PT-100 Forestry compact track loader combined with an HD7460B mulcher offers users the key ingredients for high-production brush mulching.

• 99.9-horsepower loader with low ground pressure creates

better traction on difficult terrain

• Drum-style mulcher with 60-inch cutting width, spiral

configuration and 45 cutting teeth

• Compact design for better weight distribution and balance.

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Versatile StumpVersatile stump shear

The Lemac Stump Shear is available in mechanical or hydraulic models.

• Mechanical version uses a bucket cylinder to power a single-blade jaw through the stump

• Hydraulic version features an outer jaw with two ripper spikes with oversized replaceable teeth

• Inner jaw is equipped with replaceable blades.

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Below GroundBelow ground grinder

Shaver Manufacturing’s StumpBuster grinds stumps up to 12 inches below ground.

• PTO with slip clutch

• Fits 15- to100-horsepower tractors

• Hydraulic model fits skid steers with 12- to 40-gallons-per-minute of hydraulic flow.

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Grapple LoosensGrapple loosens shallow rock

Anbo Manufacturing’s UT-X grapple is available in a range of sizes for a variety of machines.

• Split-tooth tine loosens soil and shallow rock

• Tine can also be used to rake forward

• Easily installed in bolt-on or welded-on fashion.

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Clear AwayClear away brush with bucket attachment

CJJ’s brush bucket is available in four widths to handle all types of brush clearing jobs.

• Features open wall side design

• Optional bolt on sides available

• Features a welded in place grapple and 3-inch tine spacing.

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Forestry HeadForestry head mulches large diameter material

Mulch material up to 20 inches in diameter with FAE’s PTO forestry super duty head.

• Double carbide fixed tooth and rotor design boosts

productivity and cuts down on maintenance

• 48- to 95-inch cutting width range for 50- to 350-horsepower tractors

• Several tooth options available.

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Long LastingLong-lasting tooth lowers costs

King Kong Tools’ planer tooth for forestry mulchers features a carbide tip.

• Eliminates the need for resharpening, reducing maintenance

• Carbide tip outlasts steel blades

• Impact resistant material increases tooth’s longevity.

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Manufactured To FitManufactured to fit any machine

M.C. Faulkner and Sons’ long nose rake features multiple tines for efficient site clearing.

• Custom manufactured to fit any size machine

• Choose from quick coupler or pin-on attachment

• Small debris sifts through the tines.

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Cut WeedsCut weeds from under the ground

Cut sage and other noxious weeds from under the ground with Attachments International’s Sage Blade.

• Cuts weeds 18 inches underground and shoots them to the top for raking

• Can clear up to an acre an hour

• Double beveled knife edge is self sharpening.

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Rotary CutterRotary cutter removes vegetation quickly

Perform a wide variety of clearing applications with Pro Mac’s rotary brush cutter.

• Available in 36-, 52- and 66-inch sizes with three frame styles and disc options

• Handles material up to 10 inches in diameter

• Has bolt-type teeth, reversible upper and lower teeth and produces fine mulch.

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Self PoweredSelf-powered stump mill

Grind stumps fast with Sneller Machine’s 275- or 170-horsepower Stump Mill.

• Excavator mounted; no modification to your carrier

• Will not limit the carrier’s power or functions like hydraulic heads

• Two piece wheel design and teeth for fast cutting.

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Heavy Duty HandlerHeavy duty handler takes on trees and rocks

Handle trees and large rock with EZ Spot Ur’s EZ-2010 rotating rock and tree handler.

• Has a rubber lining to handle trees gently

• Bolt in finger extensions simplify loading and unloading

• Heavy duty features include a 3 ½-inch spindle, grade 50 material composition and a roller bearing for heavy loads.

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Maxmize MulchingMaximize mulching power with compact machine

Advanced Forest Equipment’s RDM mulching attachment line now includes models to fit compact excavators.

• Operates with hydraulic flow as low as 16 gpm and 2,000 psi pressure

• Hydraulic multiplier increases torque

• Customized to meet specs of the customer’s base machine.

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Post DriverPost driver attaches in minutes

Shaver Manufacturing’s Post Driver mounts on tractors and skid steer loaders in minutes.

• Works with any 3-point hitch

• Drives up to 10 7/8-inch diameter, 12-foot long posts

• Five models available.

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Versatile MowerVersatile mowers tackle vegetation in tight spots

Control vegetation along fence rows and buildings with Alamo and Tiger mowers.

• Combine with Gradall’s telescoping boom to achieve a 90-degree angle

• Hydraulic motors eliminate the need for a case drain

• 50- and 60-inch rotary and 48-inch flail models are available.

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Picker DeliversPicker delivers one-step prep

Perform bed preparation in a single step with Cherrington’s Rock Picker, which screen cleans in one pass.

• Counter-rotating roller tills, grades and prepares the soil

• Removes rocks, stones and roots up to 6 inches deep with screening to any spec

• Available in 4-, 5- and 6 ½-foot widths.

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No HydraulicsNo hydraulics necessary

The Kenco Pipe Lift grips and releases pipe without hydraulics using the weight of the load.

• Actuator allows for hands-free movement of a wide range of pipe sizes

• Narrow profile eases removal from tight trenches

• Available in sizes to accommodate pipes from 3 inches to 100 inches in diameter.

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Grader BladeGrader blade scoops materials quickly, efficiently

The Sandpiper Spreader from HitchDoc features corrosion-resistance grader blades that scoop material quickly and efficiently.

• Adjustable slide gates control material flow

• Optional sidewalk skirt spreads material up to 30 feet

• Available in 8- and 18-cubic-foot models.

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Wheel LoaderWheel loader forks deliver productive lifting

Simplify lifting with PSM’s fork attachments for wheel loaders.

• Side shifting allows for precise positioning when loading

• Adjust the fork spread safely from the operator’s seat

• Has 360-degree rotation for leveling and dumping.

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Forks TurnForks turn any bucket into a lifter

CTI’s Drive-In forks attach in seconds, turning any bucket with or without teeth or cutting edges into a lifter.

• Nine models with lift capacities between 2,500 and 15,000 pounds

• Adjustable tine spacing

• Solid steel tines.

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Pipe GrapplePipe grapple fork handles range of sizes

Handle pipe between 2 and 30 inches in diameter with M.C. Faulkner and Sons’ pipe grapple fork.

• Manufactured to your custom weight and length specifications

• Choice of quick coupler or pin-on configuration

• Optional diverter valve available.

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