ICUEE Overview

The 2007 International Construction and Utility Equipment Expo, held in Louisville, Kentucky, in October, attracted more than 17,900 attendees, a 9.5 percent increase over the last event, according to the show’s sponsor the Association of Equipment Manufacturers. Here are some of the products that debuted at the event:

Control Bobcat loaders remotely
In a matter of minutes, convert your Bobcat skid-steer loader, compact track loader or all-wheel steer loader into a remote-control machine. The Bobcat loader radio remote control system lets you start the loader engine and operate the drive, lift, tilt and auxiliary hydraulic functions from approximately 1,500 feet away. The radio remote control transmitter joystick controls, operating in the ISO control pattern, activates the loader’s joystick controls. Possible applications for this system include concrete demolition, asphalt planning, firebreak construction and stump removal. The system easily attaches to remote control-ready loaders: simply attach the receiver and E-stop box to the machine using attached magnets. Then connect the harness, remove the rear window, attach the Remote Ready Identification Tag and the machine is ready for remote operation.

All materials locator detects objects up to 12 feet deep
Detect plastic, metallic or copper pipes, fiber-optic cables, or other underground targets, such as rebar, wood, storm sewers and drains, old buried foundations, clay pipe or artifacts with SubSurface Instruments’ Innspector 07. This self-contained unit consists of an on/off switch and built-in laser pointer, and does not require a separate transmitter or receiver to locate items. When the Innspector 07 detects an object underground, two LED lights turn on and activate a laser beam that points directly to the object’s location. The unit weighs three pounds and is 15 inches wide tapered to 8 inches, and 11/2-inches thick, tapered to 5⁄16 inches. Four C batteries are required for operation.

HDD tooling connections now feature thicker threads
The Hammerhead Hawkeye HDD tooling connections, manufactured by Earth Tool, connect to the starter rod or reamer. The tooling features a quick-threading tapered thread profile that compensates for wear. An octagonal torque sleeve allows for easier flat alignment and an optional collar water gallery provides lubrication in front of the collar while backreaming.

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Compact compressor packed with features
Maximize payload and deck space with VMAC’s Predatair 40, a lightweight and compact above-deck hydraulic air compressor. The Predatair 40 delivers up to 40 CFM and up to 150 psi in a 16 1/2-inch by 24-inch by 18-inch package, and features CAN-BUS digital technology to manage system hours, hydraulic and compressor oil temperature, pressure, over-temp safety, cold starts and maintenance notifications. A built-in cold start feature circulates hydraulic oil through the manifold, warming the oil until the solenoid engages and the compressor starts. The Predatair 40 also has safety features including high temperature shutdown, 200-psi air pressure relief valve, automatic air pressure blowdown and a one-way check valve.

Plug-in hybrid aerial truck works in all-electric mode to reduce emissions
Dueco, in conjunction with Odyne, has introduced the Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle, now available as an option on the Terex Hi-Ranger TL50M telescopic material handling aerial device. While in all electric operating mode, the PHEV uses a high capacity battery system to eliminate on-site emissions and engine noise. Unlike other hybrid systems, plug-in capability allows for fuel savings by offsetting the consumption of fuel with standard grid power. The electrical energy powers all boom hydraulic functions and the climate control system for a full workday without the use of the diesel engine. The unit can be recharged through electric power or through the diesel engine.

Lube Skid platform provides lubes to go
Auto Crane’s Lube Skid has several pick-up-and-go features, including four lifting lugs and enclosed fork pockets that are accessible from all four sides. Users also have access to the rear tie downs from the front of the unit, eliminating the need to crawl over the skid to secure it in the bed of the truck. The skid uses 60-gallon aluminum tanks to reduce weight and increase corrosion resistance. Each reel comes standard with 50 feet of hose.

8500 Guidance System offers offset locating ability
The 8500 Guidance System, by Ditch Witch, offers an intuitive interface with easy-to-understand graphics. The system, which consists of an 8500TK tracker, 8500D display and 850-series beacons, offers offset locating and depth reading ability. These let you determine depth and horizontal offset alongside the beacon, so you can track along side of a road while drilling under it, or track around trees, brush and other obstacles. The 8500 also provides readings on inclines of up to 20 degrees, letting you track up the sides of ditches. With the system’s drill-thru mode, the tracker can be positioned at a given point, and the operator can drill beyond that point on a planned path. This is especially useful when drilling under a four-lane highway. The tracker can be placed on the median and the operator can drill all the way across without having to shut down lanes to take depth readings.

Midi CX bridges gap between compact and conventional backhoes
JCB’s Midi CX has a removable backhoe with an optional three-point hitch and PTO to power a range of attachments at the rear of the machine. The Midi CX can handle all of the utility attachments designed for the 2CX backhoe and the 8030 compact excavator. The machine’s hydrostatic transmission offers travel speeds of up to 15.5 mph, eight times as fast as that of the typical compact excavator. The 10,877-pound machine features a 1-cubic-yard bucket.

Intelligent drilling features on a compact frame
Vermeer’s D16 x 20 Series II Navigator horizontal directional drill, powered by a 63-horsepower Kubota diesel, offers 16,000 pounds of thrust pullback force and 2,000 foot-pounds of torque. A standard AutoDrill feature monitors changing soil conditions and adjusts the bore or pullback speed as necessary. Rotation, thrust and pullback pressure can be pre-set. The Auto Resume function allows slurry and cuttings to mix by starting rotation before thrust/pullback begins, thus reducing the risk of stuck bores. Equipped with an automated rod loader for the 10-foot rods, the drill has a rod carrying capacity of 400 feet.

Keep lube truck components out of the elements
Iowa Mold Tooling has revamped its SiteStar lube truck, enclosing it in either a 17-foot or 13-foot body, which offers the ability to shield product tanks and personnel from the elements when doing lube services in the field. Although automatically thought of as a benefit in colder climates, an enclosed lube truck also keeps saltwater residue away from product tanks in coastal states. The truck uses polyethylene product tanks rather than steel, giving an 80 percent reduction in tank weight. Poly tanks also offer cleaner fluid storage, easier tank replacement and contamination control. The enclosed unit offers additional storage cabinets, which can be found above the product tanks and the reel compartment.

Smaller H-Series wheel loaders now have Cat’s VersaLink loader linkage
Caterpillar’s 924H and 930H loaders feature VersaLink, which combines the capabilities of parallel lift toolcarrier linkage with enhanced speed and force. Another model in the H Series lineup is the 928Hz, which retains the traditional Z-bar linkage for bucket loading. The 924H has net engine power of 128 horsepower and both the 928Hz and 930 H have 149 net horsepower. General purpose bucket capacities for the three loaders range from 2.2 cubic yards to 3.25 cubic yards.

Portable self-contained air compressors empower utility trucks
Ingersoll Rand introduces two Onboard Power Solutions reciprocating air compressor units that fit standard size utility trucks. The diesel powered VHP40RMD and gasoline powered VHP40RMG units install above deck and have an isolated sub-base to minimize vibration to the vehicle. Kubota’s three-cylinder 16-horsepower diesel and 21.5-horsepower gas engines generate enough power to deliver 175 psi. An optional fuel tank module will hold up to 20.5 gallons of compressed air and nine gallons of fuel, making the unit a completely mobile and independent power source for heavy power tool equipment. The automotive style control panel is weather resistant and internal components are protected from the elements in a sheet-metal housing.

Diesel transfer tanks safely haul up to 110 gallons of fuel to remote sites
Weatherguard’s new L-shaped fuel transfer tanks, made by Knaack, come in four sizes to fit compact, shortbed or full-size pickup trucks and carry 50 to 110 gallons of diesel fuel. The heavy-duty 14-gauge steel tank has new interior baffles that prevent non-flammable fluids from sloshing, providing additional structural reinforcement and vehicle stability. The Bright White powder-coated tanks fit most bedliners and saddle or cross truck tool boxes. Locking filler caps and a 2-inch filler neck accept standard 2-inch threaded pipe. Weatherguard’s transfer tanks are designed to carry only non-flammable liquids.

Ride-on trencher offers visibility, versatility and style
Astec updates its 660 Series ride-on trencher with an emphasis on operator comfort. The swivel seat allows the operator to position himself for unobstructed views of the backhoe or trencher operations. The compact RT660 Series II offers 75 horsepower and will trench up to 72 inches deep up to 16 inches wide. Astec Underground is also updating its line of trenchers with curved sheet metal body designs and new logo graphics.

Sage puts fluid vacuum process into lube truck bed
Choose your tank configuration with Sage Oil Vac’s Model 51SLT Lube Truck Bed, which fits on Class 5-7 trucks. The lube truck bed has four 80-gallon fresh fluid tanks and one 80-gallon used fluid tank, with one new heated product tank for added convenience. The 51SLT also has a 500-gallon fuel tank with a 50-foot hose and a hydraulic pumping system, a 120-pound 50:1 grease system with 50-foot hose and hose reel and a 10-gallon drain pan for non-quick connect applications. The reel cabinets feature standard roll-up doors, 50-foot hoses on spring retractable hose reels and preset digital meters. The 51SLT features Sage’s “no pumps” process of vacuuming used fluids and pressurizing the fresh fluid tanks. An 8-horsepower Honda electric-start gas air compressor creates vacuum and pressure in the tanks.

Mulcher’s data transmission system communicates operational status in real time
Primetech’s PT-Gator 350 uses a heavy-duty FAE mulcher and a 350-horsepower Caterpillar C9 Acert turbo-charged diesel engine to power through tough land clearing and land reclamation jobs or to create fire breaks. The PT-Gator 350 offers ground clearance of 21 inches and a cutting width of 85 inches. The undercarriage’s oscillating tracks have an overall length of 163 inches and feature roller and sprocket protection. The Gator also comes equipped with the SMS Report – an automated wireless data transmission system that communicates the operational status of the machine in real time to ensure effective vehicle management and help avoid downtime. Optional equipment includes an automatic or manual fire suppression system, rear view camera, 30,000-pound winch, automatic reversible fan and a GPS system.

Dual-hose assembly comes ready to use for hydraulic tools
Parker Hannifin’s bonded hydraulic hose eliminates the labor and material costs required to manually bundle two separate hoses with tie straps or plastic sleeves. The Twin Tough Bonded Hose line includes 451TC Twin Tough and 471TC Twin Tough hoses. Both hoses come with the Parker Tough Cover, an abrasion resistant cover that provides 80 times more abrasion resistance than standard hose. Available in 25- and 50-foot lengths, the 451TC features a constant working pressure of 3,000 psi in 6 3⁄8-inch size and 8 1/2-inch size with one-wire braided construction, while the 471TC hose has a working pressure of 5,000 psi in 6 3⁄8-inch size and 4,250 psi in 8 1/2-inch size with two-wire braided construction.

Non-glare work area light improves night vision during road construction
The patented road construction Nite Lite from Work Area Protection can give asphalt pavers and roller operators a truer view of their work surface while paving at night. On the inside face of the light’s globe are swirls of a patented material that disperses lightwaves to reduce reflectivity and glare on freshly laid asphalt. The lamp’s polycarbonate dome holds a 400-watt lamp that will produce 42,000 lumens, enough to light a 15,000 square foot work area. The clean, white light gives workers better color recognition, important when matching color-coded wires and controls, and lets them see the thickness of the material being laid. The light’s anti-vibration system decreases flickering, even while mounted to a paving vehicle.

Use air and water systems with trailer-mounted excavation system
McLaughlin has combined an air and water vacuum excavation system, creating the industry’s first trailer-mounted combination unit, according to the company. Combining the two systems delivers advantages when potholing utilities. To create the system, McLaughlin added a power pack to their 500-, 800- and 1,200-gallon units. An 85-horspower turbocharged Kubota diesel engine powers the unit, which delivers 150 cfm and 2,000 psi, using either a four-jet reduction tool or a “wobble” nozzle digging tool. Available through the Vermeer dealer network, the power pack can be customized with a combination of hydraulic booms, sewer jetters or other options.

Articulating light tower extends, rotates and pivots
Position not only the light bar but also each individual light fixture on Terex’s AL8000 HT articulating light tower. The AL8000 HT has 28 feet of vertical height, 20 feet of horizontal outreach and 359 degrees of powered boom rotation. The light bar tilts vertically 180 degrees for multiple operating positions and each light pivots front-to-back and 360 degrees side-to-side. The AL8000 HT features an optional auto-start feature or an ambient light-sensing photo cell. Standard with four 1,000-watt lights, an optional eight-light configuration is also available. The light tower has a 13.6-horsepower Kubota engine that produces 10kW of electrical power and a 30-gallon fuel tank.

High intensity solar powered message board stores up to 500 messages
Precision Solar Controls’ SMC-2000 is a trailer-mounted, Full Matrix solar-powered work zone message board that displays text messages using characters up to 38-inches tall. The board’s L.E.D. lights use only 5-percent of the power standard bulbs require. The board is powered by deep cycle batteries, which store power collected from four solar panels. In less than three hours in direct sun, the solar panels collect enough energy to power the SMC-2000 for 30 days without sunlight. The board’s operating software holds 250 preprogrammed text messages and will hold an additional 250 custom messages. Messages can be set for specific operating times and a remote control option is available. The SMC-2000 meets or exceeds ITE and MUTCD specifications.

Heavy duty walk-in construction truck carries pulls its weight
Workhorse Custom Chassis introduces their heavy duty W62 model walk-in truck that carries up to 23,500 pounds. The Workhorse high capacity platforms support the W42 and W62 models, and offer ZF Servocom 8095 variable ratio power steering for easy turns. The W62 and W42 diesel trucks use International’s MaxxForce 5, a 4.5-liter V6 engine. The gas powered W62 runs a GM 8.1-liter Vortec V8 engine and the smaller W42 uses a 4.8-liter GM Vortec engine. Both trucks are available in 86- and 98-inch widths, and lengths from 10 to 22 feet. The Workhorse trucks are available at International dealers.