NCCCO posts Top 10 FAQs on OSHA’s proposal to delay new crane rules

Updated May 31, 2013

OSHA crane regulations webinar

In light of the news that OSHA has announced its intent to postpone the deadline for certification for its new crane rules by three years to 2017, the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators has posted a list of frequently asked questions about the decision to its website.

According to the FAQ, the NCCO believes that the extension of the deadline should happen within a month.

However, it will take OSHA “rather longer” to publish proposed rulemaking to reopen the rule in order to address the issues of “certifying by capacity” and the differing opinions on whether certification means the same as qualification.

The FAQ says an opportunity for public comment will follow the reopening of the rule and maybe even one or more public hearings. Following that and a review of the financial effects of the proposed rule, OSHA will publish a final rule.

NCCCO reminds employers that in the meantime they are still required to ensure crane operators are trained and competent and that all current CCO certifications remain in effect. The group says operators can continue to recertify in their usual manner.

And to the question of “What if capacity isn’t listed on my certification card?” the NCCCO says that’s fine since the rule never actually went into effect, adding, “And it’s likely to be removed once the rule is reopened.”

To view the full FAQ on the NCCCO website, click here.