Construction workers confront and film 2 men burglarizing home, assist in arrest

crime sceneWhile a construction crew was wrapping up their work for the day at a partially-finished home in Georgia, workers discovered two men dressed like construction workers who claimed they were checking meters for the gas company.

However crew had its suspicions.

According to WSB-TV, the workers confronted the men over their presence on the Sandy Springs jobsite, with one of them shooting video as the burglars tried to get away.

The crew told the station they believe the men were after their tools. The men stole a can of diesel fuel and tried to fill up their SUV, but were not successful.

“It’s just scary they would come in here at 5, 6 o’clock on a weekday and get away with it and even think they could get away with it,” says worker David Klamm.

One of the suspects, identified as Denard Bell, was tracked down using the video and documents found in the stalled truck left behind, says Sandy Spring police Detective Sal Ortega. He will face burglary and other chargers. The police are still looking for the other suspect.

The police say that while the video was helpful, they don’t advise doing it because of safety concerns. Ortega also recommends securing material at construction sites and keeping serial numbers of the tools they are using so they can be tracked if stolen.