Construction worker saves boy from dog mauling in Michigan

Updated May 12, 2015

Thanks to the actions of a construction worker working nearby, a boy in Michigan is safe and recovering from an attack by four dogs.

According to a report from The Morning Sun, 8-year-old Ethan Nokes was visiting his step-grandmother in Seveille Township last week when he ventured into her home’s backyard with her four Rottweilers whom he had been around numerous times over the past few years.

Suddenly, “one dog began barking at him. Another dog knocked the child down and the four dogs attacked him,” a statement by the Michigan State Police to the paper read.

Kenneth Hansen was working nearby and heard the boy screaming. “They weren’t just nipping at him or biting him, they were ripping him apart,” Hansen told WTVR TV.

He jumped the fence and grabbed up Noles. The dogs tried to rip him from Hansen’s arms as he ran, but he was able to get him back inside the house. The boy was airlifted to the hospital to be treated for 22 bites.

Hansen was not injured in the attack. “Natural instincts,” he said, describing his actions to WTVR. “People say I did something. I jumped, I ran, whatever, I say you would have done it.”