Construction mishap fills half-mile of Oakland creek with concrete

Updated Apr 13, 2015
A look at the spill from KRON 4 TV footage.A look at the spill from KRON 4 TV footage.

While crews were working to back-fill a replaced water pipe in Oakland, California, Wednesday, a bit of negligence has led to a giant mess and concern for wildlife.

According to a report from the San Francisco Chronicle, workers were back-filling the 2 miles of the 24-inch pipe with cellular concrete when the valve at the end of the pipeline was left open for about an hour and a half before it was discovered.

The concrete continued to flow for another hour before workers were finally able to close it off. By then, 170 cubic yards of concrete had been spilled into Glen Echo Creek, filling a half-mile of the creek with goop and impacting at least a few critters.

The paper reports East Bay Municipal Utility District workers have begun the big task of cleaning up the spill, using shovels and vacuum trucks to pull the concrete from the creek. The job likely won’t be done until Saturday.