Bricklayers rescue man from burning car near Houston

Updated Jan 6, 2015

A crew of bricklayers near Houston didn’t hesitate to drop their trowels and shovels last week and run toward a burning car in order to rescue the driver who likely would have been burned alive without their help.

According to a report from KHOU TV, the bricklayers were building a fence in a Sugar Land subdivision when they heard a car crash into a nearby tree.

After seeing the flames start to rise, the workers ran to the car and tried to smash the windows to free whoever was inside. After several attempts to smash the glass with bricks, one worker ran and grabbed a sledgehammer from the nearby jobsite.

The crew was able to smash a window but were now blocked from getting to the driver by airbags. Luckily, a jogger passing by the scene happened to have a knife and the crew was able to cut the airbags and pull the man to safety.

“You know, we were really scared because the fire is starting to go to the car,” bricklayer Jose Melendez told the station. “And we’re scared because, you know, maybe it’ll explode.”