Construction crew unearths grenade without a pin, worker picks it up for some reason

WWII grenadeA jobsite supervisor in Arizona got quite the scare last week when one of the guys on his crew walked up to him holding what appeared to be a live grenade.

According to a report from WSEE TV, a crew with Sonoran Desert Ridge Development was trenching the front yard of a home in Scottsdale when they unearthed a grenade.

One of the workers thought it would be a good idea to pick the grenade up and bring it to site boss Tom McNaster who, after the initial horror of seeing what he thought could be a live grenade less than a foot away form him, quickly told the worker to put the thing down before calling police.

The bomb squad was called to the scene and after clearing the immediate area X-rayed the device and determined that it is a grenade from World War II that had thankfully been hollowed out.

“Our advice for citizens if you come across a dangerous or explosive device is definitely don’t touch it, leave it where it is and call the police,” Scottsdale Police Department Sgt. Ben Hoster told the station. A novel idea, indeed.