Simformotion releases Caterpillar M-Series motor grader simulator

Updated Nov 16, 2012

has released the Cat Simulators M-Series Motor Grader System, a simulation trainer set in a road construction environment that enables operators to learn the same machine applications they will find on the jobsite. The simulations enable new operators to learn without using fuel or pulling a machine from a jobsite, as well as allowing the operators to make mistakes without damaging a machine or creating a safety issue.

The M-Series Motor Grader System trains on the following: Controls Familiarization, Machine Walkaround, Straight Frame Operation, Articulated Turning, Crab Steering, Rough and Finish Grading, V-Ditching, Ripping and Scarifying. An Open Training mode is also included.

SimU Campus software records and reports the results of the simulation sessions, allowing instructors and users to track progress, and identify areas that need attention. The operator’s performance is measured against benchmarks set by expert Caterpillar operators.