Western Star 4700 gets 23,000-lb. front steer axle option

Updated Jul 9, 2016


A Detroit 23,000-pound front steer axle is now available on the Western Star 4700. The axle is being offered in set-forward and set-back configurations.

Western Star says the Detroit axle is lighter than other brands while being more durable and providing smoother steering through the use of needle bearings that roll between the steering buckle and king pin to reduce friction, tighten tolerance and reduce deflection.

The axle is designed for applications that require higher front axle weight ratings such as dump, snow plow and heavy haul. The company adds that the axle is also a good match for the 23,000-pound flat leaf front springs already available on all models.

Western Star says the 23,000-pound axle is also coming to its 4800 and 4900 models.