Felling launches triple-axle trailer for wide directional drill systems

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Updated Nov 7, 2019
Felling FT-30-3 I Drill SeriesFelling FT-30-3 I Drill Series

Felling has designed a new trailer to handles heavy, wide directional drills and mud mix systems.

The FT-30-3 I-S DS features a three-axle design. The company also put the deck between the fenders for the lowest possible deck height while also enabling the trailer to be equipped with electric or air brakes.

Optional features on the trailer include an extendable hitch with 30 inches of minimal tongue width as far back as the jack, for a tight turning radius; a heavy-duty spring-foot jack mounted on the outside of the hitch, for easier jack operation without having to reach inside the hitch; and elevated, stronger stands for the water tank.

The trailer has a load capacity of 27,000 pounds and a main deck length of 22 feet. Deck height is 28 inches loaded and 30 inches unloaded.