Talbert uses air bags to lift ramps on new Air Ramp Tilt trailers

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Updated Oct 23, 2019
Talbert’s AC3-25-ARTTalbert’s AC3-25-ART

Talbert has designed its new Air Ramp Tilt Tag-A-Long Series of trailers to make it easier and safer to raise and lower the ramps.

Instead of manual ramps, Talbert equipped the new trailers – the 20-ton capacity AC-20-ART and the 25-ton capacity AC3-25-ART – with ramps that are raised and lowered by air bags, ones that can typically be purchased at truck stops. Talbert unveiled the new series earlier this month at ICUEE.

Operators can drive equipment over the 38-inch-wide Apitong wood-filled ramps and onto the trailer deck. Once the equipment is loaded, operators use the controls near the front of the trailer to return the ramps to the upright position.

Talbert says it also designed the trailers for loading low-clearance equipment like asphalt rollers and equipment used for dirt work. The trailers feature a reduced load angle of 7 degrees and provide operators with improved visibility of the equipment and surroundings due to the trailer’s 8-inch headboard and 33-inch deck height.

“The low deck height also provides additional clearance for bridges and tunnels when transporting tall equipment,” the company says. “Plus, it allows haulers to expand the range of equipment transported while complying with U.S. and Canadian hauling requirements.”

The trailers also feature an air brake system and hutch spring suspension for load control and operator comfort. Tie-down rings are placed on top of the outside beams. The trailers come painted in Valspar R-Cure 800 in the company’s signature red or black and are available with Valspar AquaGuard for extra corrosion protection.

The trailers are manufactured at Talbert’s recently expanded manufacturing plant in Liberty, North Carolina.