The Ultimate Urban Assault Vehicle?
Tom Jackson | December 10, 2012

The Mini-Coop one-off has a 1,275 cc engine with a four speed gear box, leather wrapped steering wheel, leather hood straps and a LeMans fuel filler cap.

I don’t know if I’d characterize a car that would fit in the bucket of a large wheel loader as the “Ultimate” Urban Assault Vehicle. Looks like a 50-cal would tip it over.

But you have to admire the craftsmanship here, from M&P Speed Shop. And I sort of get their rationale: building a car that can handle Los Angeles traffic, congestion and parking problems in style. The camo doesn’t camouflage, but instead makes this little speedster stand out against the plain vanilla mass of boring bourgeois cars on the road. M&P is actually a clothing company, that builds a lot of project vehicles as promotional pieces. A gallery of the company’s clothing and vehicles can be found here. Nice stuff. More pics of the Mini-Coop here.

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