Smooth and Powerful: Test Run of Case’s New E Series Excavators

Updated Jun 30, 2023

Bryan Furnace, equipment operator and host of The Dirt, got a chance recently to test run some of Case Construction Equipment’s new E Series excavators at the company’s customer center in Tomahawk, Wisconsin.

Furnace outlines the machines’ pros and cons from an operator’s perspective, giving viewers an up-close look at what it’s like to be in the cab.

Case has launched seven models for its new E Series. “It is everything the D Series is and more,” says Furnace.

The excavators feature a new FPT engine. (Old-school operators will appreciate the sound of the turbo power.) A larger display screen uses soft-touch controls, including for the HVAC system. Operators can also prioritize power to specific parts of the excavator with Case’s new Hydraulic Flow Balance System that makes controller movement simpler and more precise.

Other changes include a new throttle knob with incremental settings for all three power modes, an upgraded modem for remote diagnostics to prevent unnecessary service calls, and factory-integrated 2D and 3D machine control options. Along with new features, the E Series machines maintain the smooth, well-balanced and powerful operation Case excavators are known for.

So find out what it’s like to operate the new E Series excavators by watching the latest episode of The Dirt.

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In this episode:

  • 00:00 - Intro: Case E-Series Review
  • 00:45 - E-Series Compared to the D-Series
  • 01:18 - The Engine
  • 02:26 - The Screen
  • 02:59 - Softkey
  • 03:21- Customizable Controls
  • 03:38 - HVAC Controls
  • 04:18 - Saving Attachment Settings
  • 05:06 - Case Hydraulic Flow Balance System
  • 08:52 - Throttle Knob
  • 10:00 - Upgraded Modem
  • 10:35 - Grade Control Options
  • 11:04 - The E-Series’ Biggest Shortcoming
  • 11:50 - Final Thoughts