The Future of Construction Equipment with Bobcat’s Joel Honeyman | The Dirt #13

Updated Jan 11, 2021

On today’s episode of our video podcast The Dirt, we welcome in Bobcat VP of Global Innovation Joel Honeyman. Joel’s whole job is to think about the future of construction equipment and how to push new machines forward. In this episode Joel shares his thoughts on innovation, electrification, automation and machine connectivity.

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Episode Chapters

(Numbers indicate timestamps in the video.)

0:00 Intro

0:59 What Does the VP of Innovation Do At Bobcat?

4:10 What Are the Paths Toward Innovation For Construction Equipment

5:59 Machine Connectivity and Bobcat Features on Demand (Software Enabled Machine Options)

12:48 Is Construction Slow to Embrace Technology?

16:30 How Bobcat is Starting the Work of Making Electric Machines

18:19 Who is Green Machine?

19:49 Two Different Kinds of Electric Machines

22:22 How All-Electric Machines Will be a Paradigm Shift for How Equipment is Made

23:52 What Bobcat Customers Are Saying About Electric Machines in Field Testing

26:04 Bobcat’s Work With Hydrogen Fuel Cells

27:21 How Far Off Are Electric Machines?

28:54 Will Equipment Benefit Construction?

30:46 What Happens First? Electric Machines or Autonomous Machines?

33:16 Bobcat Max Control (iPhone/iPad Remote Control) A First Step Toward Autonomy

35:06 The Confluence of Electrification, Autonomy and Connectivity is Not a Coincidence

38:29 Bobcat’s Role as an Innovator In the Construction Equipment Industry

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