The Dirt #06: Doosan Selling Off Equipment Biz? + RDO’s Dennis Howard Talks Equipment Demand, De-Tiering Challanges

Updated Jan 11, 2021

In this week’s episode of The Dirt we talk about new details from OSHA on the leading causes for trenching citations, Ford’s announcement surrounding its electric F-150, and a surprise story out of South Korea that Doosan is exploring the possibility of selling off its equipment business…or at least half of it. We also talk with Dennis Howard, the vice president of RDO Equipment. Dennis provides insight on equipment demand and the impact of coronavirus on construction, as well as the health of used equipment prices and the challenge facing dealers in the form of equipment de-tiering. Check out this week’s episode below.




Episode Chapters

0:00 Intro

0:38 OSHA Details Leading Causes of Trench Violations

2:44 Ford’s Electric F-150 Coming Within 24 Months

4:45 Volvo Group Layoffs

5:35 Doosan Selling Equipment Biz…Except for Bobcat?

8:00 Introducing RDO’s Dennis Howard


Mentioned in this Video:

OSHA Details Causes of Trench Violations

Ford to Launch Electric F-150 by 2022

Volvo Group Layoffs

Doosan Exploring Sale of Equipment Business


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