Volvo remote technology chief discusses how telematics have changed the service call

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Updated Aug 12, 2013
Bill Sauber, Volvo manager of remote technologiesBill Sauber, Volvo manager of remote technologies

During  the unveiling of Volvo Construction Equipment’s expanded Shippensburg, Pennsylvania plant, I got to visit Volvo’s CareTrack center — the hub of its telematics operation. There I met Bill Sauber, Volvo’s manager of remote technologies, and as you’ll see in the video below, a passionate proponent of telematics.

Bill’s no stranger to Equipment World, as he was featured in a story we ran in September on the rescue of a stolen L90G in an Arizona feedlot. Bill’s been in the equipment business since the 1970s, and likes to call himself an “old fossil,” but don’t let that fool you.

His deep roots in the business make him appreciate the all the information that’s available today to dealers—and customers.

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