German trade association endorses AEM/AEMP telematics standard

AEMP-AEM logoJust months after two United States based equipment associations announced a new standard to govern fleet telematics, a German-based trade association has said they like it and want to participate.

The Association of Equipment Management Professionals and the Association of Equipment Manufacturers announced today that VDBUM will be supporting the new telematics standard. VDBUM serves the needs of German professionals in construction, environmental and mechanical engineering.

The AEM/AEMP telematics standard establishes software code protocols for different engine and machine data points enabling end users to collect data on mixed fleet telematics systems without having to go to each different OEM’s website for proprietary information.

The standard has the backing of all major OEMs in the United states and will encompass 19 data points and 42 fault codes. To see a list of the data points and fault codes click here.

Stan Orr, CAE, president and CSO of AEMP said, “We are pleased with the commitment from VDBUM and their members to adopt the AEM/AEMP Telematics Standard for use in Europe and across all of their global operations. This is a major accomplishment for AEMP, AEM, and our industry as we make efforts to globalize and expand the standard. This would not have been possible without the joint efforts of AEMP and AEM, and each of our organization’s leadership who have worked so hard to expand the reach of this standard.”

Orr went on to say, “AEMP and AEM continue to work closely regarding the release of a Version 2.0 beta so that OEMs can begin the process of getting it integrated into their telemetry programs. Our goal is to have a final version available for distribution in the 4th quarter of 2014.”

To receive the Beta Version of the New Standard as soon as it becomes available, register here.