Werock Expands its Rugged Tablet Range with the Rocktab S500 Series

Werock Rocktab S500 series rugged tablets

Werock is expanding its line of mobile technology designed for construction sites with the introduction of the Rocktab S500 series of fully rugged tablets.

Go ahead and toss these devices in your truck bed or leave it in the cab. The IP65 certified, military-grade Rocktab S508, S510 and S512 can withstand rain, extreme temperatures from -4°F to 140°F and drops from a height of 4 feet without a problem.

More than just tough, the tablets feature Intel Celeron Jasper Lake quad-core processor with up to 2.9 GHz and up to 16 GB of RAM, a Windows 11 operating system, USB ports, front and rear cameras, mobile 4G LTE Internet, high-end GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi 5 WLAN, and large, fast-charging batteries with up to 9 hours of runtime.

The Rocktab S508 has to function without official support due to Microsoft's restrictions, but an upgrade is also possible, according to Werock. The Rocktab S512's battery is "hot-swappable" – or changeable on the fly for uninterrupted battery life.

All S500 series devices are 25/32" wide and feature gesture-compatible touchscreens that are scratch resistant. TPM 2.0 tamper protection checks for signs of intrusion attempts during startup. Display sizes are 8", 10.1" or 12.2”.

A 2D barcode scanner, docking station and other accessories are available. The Rocktab S510 and Rocktab S512 can also be equipped with a Gigabit Ethernet or serial interface.

"We are excited about the launch of the new tablet series, which also incorporates a lot of feedback from our customers. The Rocktab S500 series is the perfect example that rugged tablets can be powerful and affordable at the same time," says Markus Nicoleit, CEO of Werock  Technologies GmbH. "The new tablets are the ideal rugged hardware for tough jobs. They offer all the necessary functions and have proper performance thanks to the new processor architecture; almost five times as much as the previous series.”